Harmful whether herpes in pregnancy

genital herpes occurs through sexual contact or use of towels, sheets, linen of the patient.

Dangerous Lee herpes during pregnancy?

genital herpes occurs through sexual contact or use of towels, sheets, linen of the patient.Genital herpes occurs most often in the form of cervicitis, herpetic lesions of the vagina and external genitalia.There herpes papules may resemble a chancre, it is important to differentiate the symptoms of primary syphilis.

This form of herpes contributes to cervical cancer, and in pregnant women poses a risk to the fetus (may be severe generalized neonatal herpes).Generalized neonatal herpes occurs with encephalitis, skin lesions and internal organs, so without antiviral treatment usually ends sadly.In recent years it has become aware of other dangerous consequences of genital herpes.

recurrences of genital herpes can disrupt the development of the pregnancy and the fetus, although in the absence of exacerbations of the fruit is protected by antibodies from the mother infectio

n.If the primary infection of genital herpes occurs in the early months of pregnancy, it usually leads to spontaneous abortion.Then, the virus can cause a variety of birth defects (malformations) or cause generalized herpes newborn.

During pregnancy, the immune system is depleted, and recurrence of herpes can occur in the form of worn longer.If herpes is not held for a long time, discuss it with your doctor.In this case, labial herpes, you treat it calmly, as if talking about genital herpes in the first trimester, the pregnancy is usually interrupted (after the test).

Dangerous Lee herpes during pregnancy

During pregnancy the herpes simplex virus is in any case should not be ignored.Even if a pregnant woman is not genital herpes, one should remember that the virus is in the body, it carries the potential hazard to the fetus.The risk of intrauterine fetal infection increases sharply with recurrent disease (rash) during pregnancy and childbirth is replaced by caesarean section.Eruptions of herpes on the lips or on the nose are not dangerous to the fetus.Treat herpes rash necessarily, and as soon as possible and under the supervision of a doctor who will prescribe the right treatment.

A pregnant woman should avoid factors causing recurrent herpes: not supercool, stay cool, keep an eye on the state of health, nutrition, lead a more quiet life.Walking in the fresh air should be in parks, public gardens, where there are fewer people and no traffic.It is important to just take care of the health of the pregnant woman.

Herpes is not inherited.Even if there were a rash is not a sentence, you can make a healthy baby and nourish breast milk.Breastfeeding when cold sores do not interrupt, but my mother is necessary to use a medical mask and wash their hands with soap and water.When the bubbles burst and crust will be only possible to remove the mask, but before complete healing of the baby is not kissing.

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