On the treatment of dermatitis on his hands

Once again, back to the question of dermatitis due to the nature of their location on your hands.It is not only that unpleasant display the affected skin, but for others - contemplate it.

Once again, back to the question of dermatitis due to the nature of their location on your hands.It is not only that unpleasant display the affected skin, but for others - contemplate it.Treatment of dermatitis on the hands are always complicated by the fact that a person is forced to frequently wash their hands with detergents, kontachit with various substances and articles, as the hands - the main instrument of action.Outset that in dermatitis accompanied by dry, washing hands is limited, it is recommended to clean their oil.

Dermatitis are different: allergic, contact, chronic.Each type of dermatitis has different forms and degrees of severity.Let us briefly examine the most common and frequently used ones.Atopic dermatitis is developed as a response to external stimuli, which have allergenic properties.

These allergens can be medication, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes.Provokes the development of allergy factors such as fatigue, low resistance to stress, improper diet.Atopic dermatitis on the hands manifested by redness and swelling of the skin, burning sensation, pain and itching, as well as the appearance of watery vesicles (blisters to large).

Treatment Dermatitis on hands

blisters on the hands may burst, leaving behind weeping sores, scabs and pigmented areas.At the same time constantly aching hands.Atopic dermatitis without treatment goes to eczema.Drug dermatitis (drug reaction) is manifested in the form of reddish spots with swelling, itching, peeling or bubbles are covered later.Medicinal dermatitis most often give serious complications in the liver, the kidneys, the cardiovascular and nervous systems.Simple

contact dermatitis arise from exposure to a particular area of ​​skin mechanical (rubbing, squeezing), physical (ultraviolet radiation, burns, frostbite), chemical (acid, alkali metal salts) or biological (pollen, plants themselves) allergen.

Notably neurodermatitis - atopic dermatitis central origin, ie resulting from functional disorders of the nervous system or hormonal status.In the diffuse form of neurodermatitis has a clear localization of foci, including - at the elbow.Usually the disease begins with pruritus: itching and other places so that you can not sleep, stay calm.

dermatitis treatment at the hands depends on the form and severity, in mild simple contact dermatitis treatment is needed.However, in all cases it is necessary to remove allergens from the environment.Treatment of allergic dermatitis and drug in a severe form should only be conducted under the guidance of a doctor.

In mild cases appointed interior antihistamines (tavegil, tsetrin, suprastin, Claritin), vitamins and dietary food.If necessary, prescribe sedatives.For rapid excretion of allergens recommended course welcome Enterosgelya.External treatments include ointments, baths, compresses and lotions.For ease of use state or bath lotions from medicinal plants (succession, chamomile, hops, St. John's wort, dandelion).

After the procedure the pressed wet soft cloth and apply a remedy is necessary to wet hands.Of the non-hormonal agents, ointment Fenistil used, Propolis ointment, ointment Radevit, Skin-Cap Cream and spray.These drugs reduce the itch, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, accelerate recovery processes.Fenistil cream - modern means of delicate texture, instantly relieves and accelerates healing.

Ointment Propolis (bee glue) promotes the growth of granulation tissue, accelerates epithelialization of the wound surfaces, it is applied 1-2 times a day.Radevit ointment contains vitamins A, E, D3, not only reduces the itching, it softens and moisturizes the skin, enhances its protective function.When using Radevita can forget about dry hands.Before applying ointment to open sores and wounds need treatment disinfectant (chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide).With strong peeling applied ointment dressing.

Skin Cap cream or aerosol (an analogue Friderm zinc) - Zinc drug designed for the treatment of psoriasis.But practice shows that due to the strong antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and hydrating effect of the drug proved to be excellent for dermatitis.However, with prolonged and excessive use of the drug in aerosol form appears persistent dryness and irritation of the skin (it is necessary to switch to a cream).Another limiting factor of application Skin-cap is its high cost.Skin-Cap is not recommended for use in conjunction with hormonal ointments or creams.

flutsinar (sinaflana) is widely used because of hormonal ointments, ftorokort, Lorinden (A, C), as well as more modern and efficient Advantan, Celestoderm, Triderm, Belosalik, Lokoid.When dermatitis complicated by bacterial, viral or fungal infection, is contraindicated the use of hormonal ointments.Their use should be sure to foreign exchange and agreed with the doctor, due to contraindications and limitations combination with other drugs.

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