What affects our health ?

Whom to thank : lifestyle or genes ?
In one magazine I came across an interesting survey on the feeling of gratitude.There's a funny question, for example, what kind of medicine are you most grateful ...


I am also surprised by the response to the question "Who or what are you most thankful for your good health?ยป

Possible answers: God, lifestyle, genes, doctors.What would you have chosen?What determines health?Americans are most thankful to God (in the south 70% of the country thanks to the Creator for his good health, in the West - 46%, but the speaker is clear).In second place - a way of life, and only then by a wide margin - the genes, and in last place - medicine.

Oh wow!I'm not complaining about health, although it is not my most Siberian and my great gratitude to him, of course, my genes.So would I, "answered without hesitation."Well, that is in my genes there are any - there oncology, there are cardiovascular disease - everything, like almost all of us.However, there are full of optimism and lon

g-lived.But who will win - a stroke or a healthy life until old age?

our genes change under the impact of our lifestyle - FOOD, ENVIRONMENT, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND EVEN social environment ...

And so I began to think about a way of life and honor, which is the subject science says.And science says that yes, life can defeat bad heredity or "kill" good.Our mothers and especially grandparents lived in a much less toxic atmosphere - there were fewer cars, the food was less full of chemicals, was less than half-finished.People did not go "sea" several times a year and is much less dangerous irradiated with UVA-rays, and the ozone layer was richer ... Women are much less likely to smoke.Against us work a lot of factors.

On the other hand, we know much more than previous generations, and can be based on research, that even in people with a genetic predisposition to heart attacks, a change of diet, heredity recedes (there was even a new science of epigenetics, which studies the mechanisms of changes in gene activity).Oddly enough, but the older I get, the more I think about those genes which part of my family, sick or healthy, pass it to me?What determines health?It seems to me very similar to the grandmother-optimist, who is now 96 years old and doctors recently examined her before surgery (hip fracture), were shocked that Grandma "practically healthy", but what to do with the fact that I'm crazy, like a grandfatherwho died of a stroke in '72?

In this poll I was also surprised that the medicine put in last place and gave her no more than 4% of the vote - I do not even know how to comment on it.While it may be the health of the doctors do not depend on them whether the patient will be cured.Healthy people do not go to doctors.

desire to live longer is very evident after a certain age - you start to think that it is possible to adjust (to move to the country, to learn not to become hysterical, lose weight, more walk, to create harmony in the shower) and very upset when something goes wrong.From which no matter depended on the health, life is often unpredictable and completely healthy ZOZhisty suddenly die young, and a lifetime of sores kryahtyaschie people who live to 100 years.Here are the paradox sometimes plunged me in thought - and whether it makes sense to "work" on health?Is it important lifestyle or genes still take your own?

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