Rubella in pregnancy : how to protect your baby

Rubella in pregnancy : how to protect your baby
Rubella - easy and often harmless childhood infection, but infection with rubella in the first trimester of pregnancy is an indication for abortion.Why is it so dangerous rubella during pregnancy?

Rubella - an acute infectious disease caused by a virus and manifested a number of characteristic symptoms: melkopyatnistoy rash, an increase of some lymph nodes, general signs of intoxication.Probably asymptomatic disease.

Most often it affects children who have rubella occurs very easily.Currently, vaccination against rubella is included in the national immunization schedule.

Rubella during pregnancy

Rubella virus is unstable in the environment, but it is very volatile, so easy to find with the patient in the same room can lead to infection.Rubella is especially dangerous during pregnancy, because the virus has a tropism for fetal tissues and causes serious disturbances in fetal development.

frequency and extent of the risk of the fetus is closely related to gestational age at the time of infection.Th

e virus prefers young embryonic tissue, so the lower the gestational age was a woman at the beginning of the disease, the more dangerous consequences for the fetus.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk of fetal infection is close to 100%, with the risk of violations of the fetus is 10 to 25%.

Consequences of rubella to the fetus

Mostly virus affects the brain (3-11 th week of gestation), the visual apparatus, the heart (4-7 week) and hearing aids (7-11 week).

classic version manifestations of rubella is considered a triad Greg:

  • cataracts;
  • heart defects;
  • deafness.

incidence of cataract development is 75%, heart defects and deafness occur in 50% of cases.Also recovered a list of congenital malformations associated congenital rubella:

  • glaucoma and mikrooftalmiya;
  • disorders of brain development;
  • malformations genito-urinary organs;
  • disturbances in the structure of the vestibular apparatus;
  • enlarged liver and spleen, etc.

without blemish of children who have had rubella in utero, may exhibit underweight, growth and development, as well as a number of sub-clinical symptoms.

Rubella in pregnancy can cause miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant mortality, which is probably caused by intoxication and metabolic disorders in the infected placenta.


pregnancy when planning pregnancy, women, rubella, even in his youth, it is recommended to give blood for the antibody titer to rubella virus.

At low content or absence of antibody recommended vaccinations, to be held not less than three months before the planned pregnancy.

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