Can I get rid of acne

Can I get rid of acne?This question could be called a rhetorical, if not our identity: because many do it, despite the "mass" phenomenon.

Ancient medicine calls for harmony of body and soul, this is what is lacking to modern man, what may be called the root cause of impaired health, his unbalanced state.Currently, the younger generation does not include training methods, training to keep health (except for physical education and sports) and beauty.

According to statistics, 4 out of 5 teens face the problem of acne, and, in one of them it has been delayed for many years.The main cause of acne is hormonal "surge" - the active development of steroid hormones in the body due to the beginning of growing up.At first, this development is not regulated, there is an imbalance.Because steroid hormones are directly related to androgens and pimples.Androgens are male sex hormones, produced in people of both sexes, but their number is different (in men more), in adults, it is clearly regulated.Similarly estrogens

produced and female sex hormones, which are much larger in women.But acne is caused only male sex hormones androgens, such is their effect on the skin.They increase sebum production and change its composition, making it more viscous and dense and easier to jam in the ducts of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, leading to the formation of acne and pimples.Typical localization of acne just in places where larger follicles and skin pores are functionally wider: the face, neck, upper back and chest.They appear asymmetrically if jumped on his right cheek acne is not necessarily their presence on the left.Treatment is carried out where there is acne, but periodically disinfected neporazhёnnye skin.The mainstay of treatment and prevention is a regular daily cleansing of the skin from excessive fat and impurities.The most versatile acne treatment metrogil gel Kuriozin baziron gel or gel.Apply the gel to the cleaned and disinfected foaming agent levomitsetinovym (can salicylic, boric) alcohol the skin 2-3 times a day.It helps lotions herb: succession, chamomile, sage.

should be noted that hormones affect acne is not only for men, androgens.Female sex hormones estrogen, also affect acne, but in the opposite sense.Estrogens reduce sebum than eliminate acne formation.There are treatments for acne estrogen in women and in men.Of course, this must be treated by prescription and under medical supervision, since hormone effects on the body is huge, has many contraindications and side effects.In women being treated successfully with oral contraceptives: Diane-35, Yasmin, Janine, Jess.However, hormone treatment shifts the monthly cycle, affects the endocrine system and reproductive organs, it is contraindicated in pregnancy, gynecological diseases.In severe forms of acne are treated with estrogen men (sinestrol, pregnin, progesterone), under the supervision of a doctor, in order to avoid side effects.The most common side effects reversible swelling and tenderness of the breast.

If a person is healthy, as they grow older hormonal balance becomes stable and pimples are formed.It is recommended to develop their life rhythms, the habit of the body clean, efficient power to choose the style.

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