Swelling in Pregnancy

Swelling in Pregnancy
Edema is a common companion of pregnancy.Is this normal, or when the swelling in pregnant women should be alarmed?

Swelling in pregnancy - is not uncommon.They can appear on the legs, arms, abdomen, face, occur in the late afternoon or maintained throughout the day.

What is the cause of edema during pregnancy?

Usually swelling occur in late pregnancy.The uterus has a large and presses on surrounding organs during this period.Compression of large venous trunks is a violation of the venous outflow from the legs, difficult work of the kidneys.As a result, liquid is retained in the tissues, edema occur.Often, they appear only in the evening, when the woman was quite a long time on their feet.In the morning, after a night's sleep, the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the body, and no visible edema.

Do I need to treat edema during pregnancy and how?

Western doctors do not consider it necessary to prescribe a treatment for swelling during pregnancy.Russian obstetricians include swelling in the lat

er stages of the first stage of preeclampsia - edema pregnant.

If you do not start treatment, in most cases, comes next, a more severe form of preeclampsia - pregnancy nephropathy.It is accompanied by the appearance of protein in the urine and high blood pressure.This is a very serious condition that is much more difficult to care and worsens the prognosis in childbirth for mother and child.

Therefore swelling during pregnancy require compulsory treatment.If there is swelling or sudden weight gain should immediately contact your obstetrician-gynecologist.

For the treatment of edema in pregnancy:

  1. Try to sleep at least 9 hours per day, get plenty of rest in the afternoon.During a day of rest keep your feet above the level of the body.For example, put them on the arm of the couch.
  2. few times a day, take the knee-elbow position for 5 minutes.This posture is very useful because it eliminates the pressure on the uterine venous vessels.
  3. Limit foods and beverages containing salt and sugar.Sodium retains water in the body, so to get rid of edema during pregnancy from the salt should be avoided.The daily rate of salt - no more than 3-5 grams.
  4. doctor may recommend herbal kidney fees, has a diuretic effect.Such action has cranberry tea.
  5. In severe edema in pregnancy usually resort to hospitalization where treatment is carried out dropping magnesium preparations.
  6. in power, it is desirable to increase the share of cottage cheese and boiled meat.

How to prevent swelling during pregnancy?

is much easier to prevent swelling, than to fight them.To do this, pregnant women are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle, walk more.Excellent help special exercises.It can be practiced alone or in groups at the antenatal clinic.

Balance diet, eat more fruits, dried apricots, raisins, drink a decoction of rose hips.Do not limit yourself to water, as this may cause the opposite effect.Total fluid intake should be about 3 liters per day.

Avoid chips, smoked and salted products.They retain the body fluid.If you have to work a lot of sitting or standing, try to periodically arrange vacation for your feet.Lie down, place a cushion under his feet and lie down so for 15 minutes.This position is useful to sleep at night.

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