Is there a cure gastritis

possible to cure gastritis depends on its type and severity, and the age and comorbidities.

Of course, the young body is much easier to overcome this disease than a man of mature age.It is much more difficult to recover an elderly man who has all the metabolic processes are slowed down and weakened.

However, the question whether it is possible to cure chronic gastritis, most doctors will answer in the affirmative.The fact that the eating habits strongly affect the process of digestion.Nowadays the ordinary person available products with low nutritional value, containing natural milk substitutes, sour cream and butter, a large number of preservatives and flavorings.It pursues an aggressive propaganda synthetic carbonated beverage consumption.

At the same time, most of the work is not possible to eat normally: either an absence of interruptions, so that food is cold food in a hurry;or there is no nearby public catering;or all together.A length of the working day is often up to 10 hours or more, because

a person can eat normally only late at night, if it is able to cook.Because imperceptibly it becomes a habit fast food, questionable and semi-finished products, carbonated beverages.It completes the picture of a huge amount of stress and low resistance to them.

first thing you need to do for the full treatment of chronic gastritis - to organize a proper diet.Make it better immediately after treatment of exacerbations, when it is possible to expand the diet.In the old days all diet treated with gastritis.Nowadays, more and more often after the abolition of diet number 1 or number 2 (depending on the acidity) is recommended to switch to 1 month or more on a diet number 5 for the formation of the normal patterns of motor and secretory functions of the entire digestive tract.For this reason, gastritis diet 5 is appropriate.

Diet № 5 stimulates bile secretion, improves the functioning of the pancreas, intestinal peristalsis.In this diet limited refractory fats, foods rich in cholesterol, extractives (meat and fish broth).Limited fried, spicy, salty and heavily chilled food.Recommended cooking method - decoction or steamed, first courses (soups) vegetarian or very weak (secondary) broth.

based on the duration of dieting, nutrition formed the stereotype is overcome craving for surrogate products and normalize digestion.On this basis, the body repairs itself, gets rid of chronic gastritis.

more complicated question with advanced forms of gastritis, when it occurred irreversible changes in the glands and the very walls of the stomach mucosa.For example, it is possible to cure atrophic gastritis?Only in the early stages of atrophic changes, you can get rid of the disease itself.It is important to understand that the atrophic areas of mucous never recover, they permanently lose their structure and function.

other, healthy areas of the mucous will incur "additional obligations" and will perform double duty, providing the normal functions of the body as a whole.

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