Is there a cure nail fungus

fungus feet and hands nails cause the same types of fungi, so the picture is the same disease, and approaches to the treatment of one and the same.

possible to cure nail fungus?

fungus feet and hands nails cause the same types of fungi, so the picture is the same disease, and approaches to the treatment of one and the same.The only difference is that nail fungus is treated at the hands faster and easier than on his feet.On the other hand, on your feet fungus it is much more common than the hands, and re-infection is also more likely to happen with his feet.There is a simple explanation: it is often the feet are in contact with contaminated objects (another's shoes, walking barefoot in the bath, on the beach and OE) at the same time, long legs encased in tight, uncomfortable shoes and synthetic socks that cause sweating.Infected with fungus can be in different places and by different people, including - and from their loved ones.If the house barefoot, including those infected by the fungus family membe

r, use one rug in the bathroom and other household items, with a total of footwear in the country - is a guarantee of the infection of others.

possible to cure nail fungus

Infection with nail fungus on your hands there for people whose professional responsibilities associated with frequent hand washing (doctors) or prolonged their presence in water (at moyschits dishes or cleaning staff), as well as the presence ofsome diseases (diabetes, diseases with blood circulation, psoriasis, a weakened immune system).Whatever the route of infection and no nails - on hands or feet, the important thing: how to get a fungus on the nails?In milder forms of destruction, when there are no symptoms, but a small speck, and thickening of the nail edge, many are not treated, preventing a serious mistake.This light forms fungal infections are treated successfully and is much faster and cheaper than running.Fungal diseases are never by themselves, they eventually spread to new areas of skin and nails, penetrate deep inside the body.

When primary lung lesions can be derived fungus on the nails with the help of folk remedies (as described in another article) or pharmacy ekzoderil drug.To do this, you need to steam the feet (or hands) in a soda solution, rinse with warm water and wipe dry.Then cut off the free edge of the affected nail and slightly cut down the entire surface of the nail plate to the drug absorbed.Pipette solution ekzoderil on the nail, to absorb and apply the cream on top ekzoderil.This procedure makes daily, morning and evening.

In more severe cases, you need to see a doctor, treating nail fungus, it is called a mycologist.The doctor will choose the right treatment in accordance with the picture of defeat and views of the pathogen.To determine the type of pathogen must pass on the analysis of a piece of the affected nail.For example, a very effective treatment with ketoconazole (Nizoralom) fungal infections caused by sensitive species of fungi.Nizoral prescribed 1 tablet 1 time a day for 3-4 months at a nail fungus on your hands, and within 3-12 months with a fungus on his feet to complete regrowth of healthy nail.Along with taking tablets using Nizoral cream externally 1-2 times a day during the entire period.Alas, complete regrowth (replacement) of the nail takes a long time (on the feet nails grow longer than on the hands), so treatment is long.The main mistake of many people is that they stop treatment early - so the fungus will soon return, and more resistant to forms of treatment.Most resistant patients, strictly carrying out the treatment to the end, no doubt, is it possible to cure nail fungus - they become healthy.

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