How easily and quickly cure a sore throat

beautiful winter days are: kids and beg on the street - it snowballs polepit then lick icicles.Just thaw - and hats with scarves "accidentally" forgotten at home.And then - a sore throat, aimless sitting at home and treatment - caring parents.And not stopping the whole autumn-winter and spring (and summer) the epidemic of influenza, the common cold.

Sometimes it seems that the only way to avoid a sore throat -perezimovyvat in warm countries.Although ... there are sick!In fact, it is not necessary to exaggerate.The main thing - to know his enemy in the face and understand what means to deal with it.Let's deal!


People with a weak innate immunity suffer more.Sometimes even acquired, it is formed throughout life, from birth to old age.As they grow, children are faced with all the new and new infections and generate a protective response to them.Since the immune system of the baby still "under construction", the child usually gets sick much more often by an adult.


Not so long ago, scientists have made a major discovery.Under all the mucous membranes of human cells are innate immunity - macrophages and dendritic cells, on the Toll-like receptors which inhabit the surface."Of Toll" translated from German - "wonderful", "fantastic".That is the name scientists have given them!The magic lies in the fact that these receptors are the first to respond to hostile invasion of viruses and bacteria, and they are mobilizing the entire body to fight infection.


usually do not want to be ill.But really I want to get well!Can you help these invisible brave soldiers standing guard over our health?In recent years, it has become commonplace immunomodulatory drugs.But they are not all the same.There is a means-based synthetic (ie artificial) interferon, others stimulate the activity of Toll receptors and induce the body to make its own.One of these drugs - «Derinat spray» : immunomodulator with antiviral activity and additional reparative (ie reducing, healing) effect.This is a very important feature helps to reinforce the most important barrier of immunity - nasal mucosa, and thus enhance its protective function.

Prevention is better than cure

There are a few simple steps for the prevention of sore throat in both children and adults.

Firstly, regularly ventilate the room.It is not difficult and very effective.And the fresh air does not hurt anyone else.

Secondly, during the active heating period of humidity in the apartment, especially in the children.Overdried air may weaken mucosal protective properties of the nasopharynx and malicious viruses will penetrate easier into the body.

Finally, thirdly, purchase «Derinat spray» and make it a rule to use it regularly in dangerous times, and the first signs of becoming ill throat.It will contribute to faster and easier recovery without complications.


If preventive measures do not help, and a wave of colds and flu is so strong that still covered nearly all, then do not despair. «Derinat Spray» equally effective at all stages of the disease, and thanks to the neutral color, smell and taste even like kids.Moreover, thanks to its properties it helps to avoid secondary infections, and complications of the disease, including pneumonia.

Modern, right mom always know how to protect and properly cure the kid, because what could be more important than children's health!

As advertising.Consult with an expert, verify possible contraindications.

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