Folk remedies against nail fungus

Folk remedies against nail fungus account for more than a dozen, and how they are connected with the removal of the affected nail and treatment without removal.

Folk remedies against nail fungus account for more than a dozen, and how they are connected with the removal of the affected nail and treatment without removal.Previously, patients always nails were removed, and now removed rarely, only in complex, advanced forms of fungal lesions, poorly treatable.Treatment of affected nail to continue until otrastet not completely clean, healthy nail.Before using medical means feet (or hands) with damaged fingernails thoroughly washed with soap and water or steamed, then sawed sawing or scraped off the surface of the nail of the patient with a knife, cut the free edge.Consider the most popular folk remedies against nail fungus.

Folk remedies against nail fungus

widely used in folk medicine of different countries celandine treatment of nail fungus.The plant has many medicinal properties, including antimic

robial and insecticidal action, heals wounds, removes warts and corns, as well as lichens and fungi.Broth celandine herbs and roots used for baths, wash and lotions.To prepare the broth take 0.5 cups of dry grass with flowers celandine, pour 1 cup boiling water, boil on low heat for 5 minutes in a sealed container, then leave in a warm place for several hours, filter.After a bath or lotion is useful to treat the nails fresh latex celandine or sprinkle the powder from the leaves of plants.

Popular nail fungus treatment as propolis.Prepare an alcohol tincture of propolis 20-30% concentration and smeared it places the defeat of the fungus 2-3 times a day.Propolis tincture prefabricated sold in a pharmacy.Propolis - a bee product that is not a food, the bees use it for glossing over cracks in the hive, but it is a very useful substance.Propolis has antibacterial, sedative and a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.When part of the processing propolis inhibits the development of lesions and mobilizes the work of the body's defenses against the fungus.

used garlic to nail fungus.Mix equal parts of the pressed juice of garlic, pure alcohol and water.The resulting mixture - very strong antiseptic, it is useful to apply against persistent infections and fungal skin lesions and nails, insensitive to drugs.Garlic compresses treat fungal diseases, which are generally difficult to treat.You can also pribintovyvayut freshly prepared slurry of garlic to the affected nails at night, wearing a top cellophane or fingertip.In addition to topical treatment of garlic should be taken into garlic preparations in the form of tea, decoction or tincture.The result comes very quickly, literally within 4-5 days.

has long been used to treat nail fungus Kombucha, which is grown in a sugar solution of tea, best of all - a 10% concentration of sugar."Mushroom" has the form of a thick mucous film gryazno- white that resembles a floating jellyfish.Its surface is smooth on the top and bottom fiber-shaggy.People consume seven eight-day infusion of fungus as a medicinal drink a pleasant sweet-sour taste .. Infusion Kombucha has many medicinal properties and is widely used in folk medicine of different countries in a variety of internal diseases, especially gastrointestinal and liver and gall bladder.Infusion has a rich composition, including - a natural substance with antibiotic activity, it kills many species of pathogenic bacteria and inhibits their growth.It is taken orally and wash the affected nails and skin.Then take a piece of mushroom, mash and apply to the nail, tape up and dress fingertip.This compress is left overnight.Repeat every other day, each time with a fresh piece of Kombucha.Course 7 - 8 procedures.

also known to use tea tree oil with nail fungus.Tea tree oil is used in folk medicine since ancient times.It has powerful antiseptic, anti-infectious, anti-viral and bactericidal action, so that has been used successfully for many diseases, including skin and nail fungus and.Tea tree oil lubricates the affected nails 2 times a day, a course of treatment 3 months or more to complete replacement of the nail.It can also be used as a prophylactic against re-infection by the fungus.

Remember that nail fungus disease from those that do not pass on their own, and only gets worse with time.Therefore, it is better to undertake the care and patience to complete.

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