Missed abortion : symptoms and causes

missed abortion
Not all desired pregnancies end in childbirth.Sometimes the embryo for some reason dies.Most often in such situations develop spontaneous abortion.But sometimes there is no uterine contractions, lost fertilized egg remains in its cavity.It missed abortion.

developing pregnancy, missed abortion, miscarriage frustrated - are synonymous, meaning that pregnancy for any reason ceased to grow, and the fertilized egg is still in the womb.

Due to the wide introduction of ultrasound in obstetric practice this diagnosis now sounds much more than 20-30 years ago.In most cases, this occurs in the early stages (12-14 weeks).But in the second trimester of fetal death can also cause a missed abortion.

Symptoms missed abortion

clinically missed abortion may not appear for several weeks, and often the diagnosis is made by ultrasound.Nevertheless, there are signs that a woman can touch up on the idea that pregnancy is something wrong.

  • Most pregnant women notice a number of changes in their body:.. There is mornin
    g sickness, breast enlargement and increased sensitivity, changes in eating habits and attitudes to various odors, etc. In the case of missed abortion and fetal death, these symptoms disappear, oftenrather sharply.Such changes should alert pregnant and give rise to a reference to the doctor.
  • Another clinical symptom of developing pregnancy is spotting brownish vaginal discharge.As a rule, they are scant, but serve as an indication for ultrasound.
  • missed abortion may be suspected non-compliance with the level of the pregnancy hormone hCG β-its deadline.

Diagnosis of missed abortion

Of course, we are talking about US.The study fails to examine in detail the ovum and state the absence of heartbeat of the fetus.When missed abortion embryo destruction is often the ultrasound finding is detected and before the emergence of any symptoms.

In the case of fetal deaths by type of missed abortion in a woman's body undergoes a series of changes.First, it changes the level of hormones that support pregnancy, especially .beta.-hCG.Needless ovum with missed abortion also varies.Amniotic fluid is gradually absorbed, and the elements of the ovum subjected to secondary changes - maceration.During this process, the chorion may partially peel off, causing the occurrence of spotting.

causes of missed abortion

factors leading to the death of the embryo in the early stages, can be divided into four groups:

  1. Genetic causes (doubling or tripling the number of chromosomes, the presence in the genome of the embryo "extra" chromosomes or individual portions thereof,various mutations and chromosomal abnormalities, etc.).
  2. Infectious causes (acute or chronic infection, which can be localized in some specific organs or hit the body as a whole).
  3. Autoimmune factors - a vast group, which includes the formation of antibodies to the tissues of the embryo or human chorionic gonadotropin, the compatibility of spouses histocompatibility system (HLA), antiphospholipid syndrome and other
  4. Endocrine factors (excess androgens and prolactin, insufficient to maintain pregnancy progesterone., violation of secretion of thyroid hormones, obesity or underweight).

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