Marriage after divorce

Marriage after divorce
the question: "How better to live: in a marriage or after a divorce is no" answer will be only those who experienced firsthand, and then, and more.The fact is that people who have experienced divorce, is much easier to analyze the positive and negative aspects of family life, as well as be aware of not so pleasant side of marriage dissolution.

reasons for the break in relations can not be the same, they do not coincide in many, but not related to the reluctance of people to have a family.Basically divorce spouses inseparable from private concerns, that is, those which are directly related to the marriage itself.

Very few people can opt out of family life for all their remaining years, so remarriage after divorce occurs almost always.The period between divorce and a new campaign under the crown can be very short-lived, and quite long.Still eventually this period ends and leads to fresh relationships.

duration of the period to maturity of new relations depends on what kind of trauma brought divorce, h

ow much psychological trauma has not healed.But it plays a big role, what qualities the person has, how fast he can recover from the shocks experienced and the resulting stress is also important, which he shall choose the method of recovery.

Rehabilitation after divorce

Many people heal their trauma easier alone.For such natures privacy - the best medicine.And life after divorce can be for them in a fairly long period of voluntary seclusion.

For other people the best means to cure the consequences of divorce will find yourself in a new relationship.Such men and women fairly quickly arise whirlwind romance, but this does not mean that they are fully adapted to a normal life, the more ready for a new marriage after the divorce.Most likely, the new novels - short-term comfort, with time they will awaken in the person of his last memories of family life that can bring him new challenges.

new marriage and his chances of life

In both cases, the most effective way to approach the new divorce - is to start a completely new life, not having gone through a certain period of integration and do not forget the final last marriage.When the previous unsuccessful experiences of married life will be fully localized, there will come a favorable period for the creation of new family relationships.

If the new alliance involves an act of vengeance former spouse, or a person marries after a divorce because of the fear of being alone, there is a great opportunity to repeat his first experience and, as they say, stepping on a rake old.In this case, the open very soon that the new satellite does not correspond to your ideals, and therefore, would absolutely not fit.

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