sexual disorders

Almost one in five (according to some estimates, one in three) suffer from various types of sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women may be imaginary or real.But in the one and in the other case often they are based on psychological problems or effects of various diseases.

Sexual disorders in men

Impotence (or erectile dysfunction).It is believed that impotence - a lot of middle-aged and elderly men.However, studies show that age in this issue the role does not play."Age" disease - from 20 years and above.

When a man originally is unable to achieve an erection, is not able to have sexual intercourse, it is called a primary violation of erection.And if he has difficulty achieving an erection after a period of successful sex life, it is a secondary erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes impotence called "syndrome businessman", referring to the huge amount of stress, hard work, chronic fatigue - all of which leads to violations of sexual function.

cure impotence, the cause of which we

re psychological factors easier.This requires a serious psychotherapy, based on suggestion and physical relaxation.The results are particularly effective if the patient is undergoing treatment are not alone, and together with a partner.

Impotence may be a consequence of a number of diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cardiac, respiratory, renal, and vitamin deficiencies, prostatitis, diabetes, adenoma, etc.Infections Sexually Transmitted entail inflammation of the genital organs, and in most cases leads to impotence.

Early ejaculation.This kind of sexual disorder in which a man has an orgasm comes very quickly and this makes it impossible to satisfy his partner.As in the case of impotence, premature ejaculation causes can be both psychological and organic nature.

Sexual disorders in women

Frigidity - is the inability to excitation, sexual feelings.The reasons for it may be physiological and psychological.

most common cause physiological frigidity are venereal and gynecological diseases.In addition, sexual coldness is associated with hormonal disorders.Sometimes it occurs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

At the heart of the psychological causes of frigidity can be the wrong sex education, shyness and fear, experienced violence, depression.

Anorgasmia (lack of orgasm).They are often a manifestation of frigidity, which is caused by disharmony of sexual relations.Anorgasmia may occur as a result of constant premature ejaculation at the husband, when the interrupted sexual intercourse, when there is insufficient psihoeroticheskoy preparing women to close (insufficient foreplay), when properly selected positions.

Generally, a woman as a sexual partner is more dependent on men, is usually determined by the frequency, rhythm, posture sexual intercourse.It does not always allow yourself to make adjustments in the sexual behavior of the partner.At the same time her erogenous zones (both genital and extragenital) do not receive sufficient stimulation.

lack of sexual desire and orgasm is often associated with delayed puberty and psychosexual development (retardatsionnaya frigidity).This attraction is immature character.Stops at erotic or platonic stages, and lack of orgasm is combined with satisfaction on an emotional level.

Vaginismus.This sexual disorder in women, in which the muscles of the vaginal vestibule highly compressed, which makes it impossible to perform normal sexual intercourse.Becomes intercourse painful or even impossible.

Primary vaginismus - is a form of vaginismus, in which a woman has never had the opportunity to carry out sexual intercourse.Such women through marriage, can not be months or even years to begin sexual life because of the impossibility of entering the penis into the vagina.Most often it is the result of a strong fear of the first sexual intimacy.All subsequent attempts to again cause fear, stress and pain.As a result, there comes a chronic form of vaginismus.

Secondary vaginismus can occur in women who live a normal sex life, but experienced a lot of stress, overexertion.It can cause vaginismus and chronic infections, lacerations after childbirth.

problem both sexes

Lack or decreased libido - desire, loss of interest in sex.The reasons for this are many, but more often it causes a psychological nature.Although the presence of organic disease may also result in the loss of interest in sexual activity.

Soil for the disorder can serve and conflicts, which at first glance associated with domestic reasons.But they can "broadcast" and in private life.

often to the loss of pleasure from sex is depression, alcohol, high doses of tranquilizers and antidepressants.

If you have less interest in sex than in the past and what your partner expects from you, If you prefer to fantasize on erotic themes, not to have sex, if your marriage is suffering from it, you have the problem of sexual desire.

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