Adaptation of a child in kindergarten

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten
Kindergarten - the need in today's world, as not all families can sit grandmother with grandchildren.Help the child to climb on the step child in every parent power.

unfamiliar environment - a huge stress for the little guy.Many parents are sounding the alarm as soon as the baby begins to go to kindergarten, because almost immediately begin to negative changes in his behavior.He seemed suddenly "develop backwards".

There is a clear regression in all previously achieved:

  • speech;
  • creativity;
  • skills;
  • skills;
  • game.

naughty child, constantly demands that my mother was next to him, asks for her help in that, it would seem, it has long made itself.

But do not worry, it's all natural.Just a little man gets used to the new way of life, adapted.

known educator AVSukhomlinsky believed that childhood - is not a preparation for adulthood, and distinctive, bright life.And it is from the one who led the kid's hand in this unique year, depends on what kind of person the child will become in the future.

Not surprisingly, the child trust strangers is very exciting, even if those strangers are certificated educators honored.However, all is not so bad if the parents can help the baby to adapt.

particular importance in the period of adaptation of the child in the kindergarten are factors such as the habit of the regime and self-service skills.In this family should always pay close attention.

adaptation child in kindergarten: first steps

By their first birthday child should be able on their own to sit on a chair, drinking from a cup.With one year and two months is necessary to teach the child to eat with a spoon.At this age, the child should also be actively involved in the stripping, washing, preparing to sleep and not be passive and wait for it all will make Mom or Dad.

In two years, a child should be able to have careful not lick.He also has a negative attitude towards slovenliness, say thanks, greet and say goodbye.All these skills will greatly help his socialization, since kindergarten - this is the first encounter with society.

Conditions of successful adaptation of the child in kindergarten

The most important condition is to create a friendly atmosphere in the group.It is necessary to fully support a child's desire to go to kindergarten, to communicate with their peers, to make friends.

If possible, it is necessary to invite the child's friends from kindergarten to his home, give them a cartoon view or play together.You can do these activities regularly.

Thus the child gradually cease to perceive the kindergarten as a foreign territory.This condition, plus the availability of necessary skills will make the process of adaptation to the kindergarten as painless as possible.

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