How to learn to flirt

How to learn to flirt
Many single people are dreaming about a romantic relationship.In anticipation of happiness, they are immersed in dreams and lose touch with reality.Meanwhile, the joy of romantic love can be approximated by preparing for it right soil.And we'll show you how to learn to flirt.

passionate desire for love can turn into a stressful search, which will drive you into a dead end.

much more useful to change priorities and begin to live, to live with pleasure, surrendering their own hobbies and interests.If you are interested in learning how to flirt, this article is for you.

waiting the arrival of love does not mean giving up everything else.Live life to the fullest!Enjoy the company of friends, appreciate friendship.In a happy man living a bright, rich life, much more likely to find love.

choosing a life partner, meet different people.Having acquired experience in communication, you will be able to more correctly evaluate men as potential partners.If you learn to communicate with many different people, yo

u are unlikely to be tolerated conflict, severe or abusive relationships.

How to learn to flirt: start with visits

Did you find it difficult to make an appointment just to have fun.Try to first learn how to do it naturally with someone of his friends, of those who will not refuse.

Just remember that the relationship should be as fair and transparent, "Do not get me wrong, I'm not in love.But we can have a great time together. "

Create your own style of courtship

Everyone eventually develops his own style of courtship.If you still do not have their own style, but want to learn how to flirt, you can use the techniques that usually do not cause the other person uncomfortable.

In the first place, of course, expressive, significant looks.How meaningful is usually considered views on the face and body area below the eyes (on the lips, neck).Even sliding glance down immediately seen as flirtation as a signal of interest.But do not overdo it.Too stubborn views on the chest and on down may be interpreted as rudeness.

You can reduce the distance between you and your (your) counterpart to half a meter.But be careful.Some people may see it as an invasion of their territory.

you can whisper something in his ear.Can quickly, as if by chance to touch the hand, elbow or knee, it is desirable during a conversation with a smile.

You may want to assign a date and asked for a phone number.You can reserve the right to contact.Politely decline, but take the phone number of the interlocutor.

While talking watch closely the interlocutor: pay attention to his voice, gaze, facial expression.Is he interested in, or during a conversation with you looking for someone to look ... Be attentive to non-verbal language.

Evaluate the extent of his activity: he asks you a question, or just politely answers your?

Flirt know how to use body language effectively.Speaking there, they show non-verbal consent.This creates uncertainty, which can excite the interlocutor.

Re-read the chapter "The benefits of coquetry" of A.Morua remarkable book "Letters to a stranger."This will help you understand how to learn to flirt, to tune in to a certain way and be trained in the art of flirting.

But do not flirt.Good luck to you!

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