19 April

What is the stress response of the body

Stress reaction
Our experience shows that in the extremely adverse and emergency situations that may arise in the war, fires, accidents, a person may be unmatched endurance.Where are all these powers?The reason is one - it's stress-response.

Surely you have ever in my life at least once to suffer the sharp surge of strength and energy.This often happens in extreme situations, when our life or health is in danger.Scientists have found that the reason for this phenomenon is the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, in which there is a special condition - stress reaction.

essence of the stress response

It is thanks to the emergence of stress reaction a person can take the right decision in extremely dangerous situations.Through this mechanism it has increased stability, endurance, mobilized all available defenses.

The most common stress reaction continues a short time and is able to pass virtually asymptomatic.However, the presence of adverse conditions for long periods of time can lead to a number of major ch

anges.In this case, noticed irregularities in the functioning of the body:

  • changing composition of the blood;
  • violated function of the endocrine glands;
  • reduced body weight.

similar reaction in professional circles is called the stress syndrome, which means the totality of the manifestations of excessive stress symptoms caused by the same cause.There is no doubt also that in certain circumstances a person can exert all their strength.At the same time it's not just about muscle tension, but also about vision and hearing.

As there are stress reactions

Science has long proven that a healthy body all occurs in an orderly and everything has an explanation.Our body can be represented as a complex self-regulating system.Therefore, in order to build a stress reaction, require special arrangements.And these mechanisms really are.They were formed in the process of evolution and adaptation to environmental conditions.

by improving subjected to the central nervous system, which in certain situations, is not peculiar to our daily activities, starts in the course of their "emergency service".Located this part of the brain that is responsible for such a useful function in the hypothalamus.Clusters of nerve cells communicate with all departments of the nervous system and coordinate the response of the organism.By the hypothalamus receives all the information from the nerve endings, and he decides to feed signals to various organs of our body.

Thus, the principle of the stress reaction is a fairly complex system, which, however, allows us to fully withstand the short-term difficulties in life.But do not rely on it completely, because it is constantly controlled you do not get.The body itself will decide when and in what circumstances the use of reserve forces and capabilities by referring to the stress reactions.

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