What dream of the new year

How to fulfill dreams
Did you know that the books are also able to fulfill a dream?Yes Yes exactly!

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And before the New Year we have more dreams of that passion as you want to translate: to be happier, healthier, more successful, more slender, find harmony, build a perfect relationship with their children and wives, learn to achieve their goals.We have selected for you a book that will help get closer to their desires.


dream: to find harmony

This book is about how to consciously learn to meditate.It was developed by the author of the book, Mark Williams and his colleagues at Oxford.If you dream about, to stop experiencing stress and feel calm inside, reduce irritability and forget about bad mood, then this book will help you for sure!

Chinese study

dream: never hurt

Imagine that scientists have invented a pill that will prevent the development of any disease, and always be alert.And this tablet - what is on your plate.Yes, it is a common food.That's just what it should be, so that we at the same time never hurt?"China Study" -book, written explanations of the large-scale study in the history of food, which contributed more than 8,000 direct correlation between what we eat and deadly diseases.Want to live longer - read a book!

7 minute fitness

dream: a perfect body

experienced trainer Brett Klika joined in this book 50 programs of intensive interval training.Each program lasts 7 minutes and focused on specific muscle groups.You can combine these workouts, as you please, and do at least 7, at least 107 minutes.This book will be a personal trainer for all busy people and will help you get the perfect body.


dream: to live long

Renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman MD found that our body is designed to not wear for a long time."A man can live forever," - they say.But you need to constantly practice the magical 9 steps.All this will help to slow the aging process and live a long time.

healthy, happy, sexy

dream: to become happy

If you want to always be beautiful, sexy and desirable, this practical guide on Ayurveda tells you how.Katie Silcox - the leading expert in Ayurveda and yoga instructor.It will reveal to you the secrets of the millennial technique, teach the exercises and meditations that will help preserve women's health and a full sexual life.

in the form of 100 days

dream: to become a strong and hardy

universal book, which will become healthier and strengthen the body.This training program is for people of all ages from the famous fitness consultant and Olympian Heinrich Bergmyullera.It offers a proven program which will lead you into shape for 100 days.Inside the book you will find the calendar sheets to produce a personal plan.

Breeding in captivity

dream: a strong relationship forever

leading relationship expert Esther Perel teach you maintain a passion for your partner in long-term relationships.How to keep the fire in married life for years?How to make so that the desire is not extinguished?Is it possible to see in a partner and a close friend and a passionate sexual partner at the same time?What if the passion gone?All this and more - in a witty, wise and truthful book of Esther.

Be the best version of yourself

dream: to become a successful

The book author Dan Waldschmidt already 25 years was all that one could dream of.But this was only the external success, but inside - so empty that Dan nearly committed suicide.After this incident, he researched thousands of stories of prominent people and is ready to honestly answer the question: what is real success and how to achieve it?

Without self-pity

dream: To always achieve the goals

Erik Bertrand Larssen first served in the special forces of Norway and participated in the most demanding operations, then became a psychological coach for athletes, who thanks to his support became prize-winners of the Olympics, and later heHe wrote the book "Without self-pity."She became superbestsellera in Norway.She bought every 20th inhabitant of the country.And no wonder, because it tells Eric about how to achieve any goal.

refuse to choose

dream: To find a case of life

You know that people can be divided into "Scanners" and "divers"?"Divers" - those who love to immerse themselves in one thing and study it, "scanners" have many interests and can not choose one.Guru Destiny and Life-coach Barbara Sher is sure: if you are a "scanner" that is a huge talent!And you do not have to choose just one thing.Barbara will learn how to apply a multi-faceted skanersky mind.

Rules happy families

dream: to become better parents

Questions in the family can be defined in different ways.One might ask, "Why my children really got out of hand?", But it is - the position of the victim.The correct question would be: "How can I become a better parent?".John and Karen Miller - the parents of seven children - talk about how to nurture a personal responsibility in the family.

Emotional Intelligence child

dream: to raise emotionally healthy child

Every parent knows that it is very difficult in raising children to understand that the "right", and that - no.It is particularly difficult to understand, how to behave when it comes to emotions.How to help a child to cope with difficult situations?How to show empathy and more attention to the children of emotions?Experienced Specialist John Gottman family psychology will provide answers to these questions.


dream: to prioritize

Want to know how to do less, but better?You will be in this new approach to life, which is called 'essentialism'.He teaches in any business situation and see the essence.This helps to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on what really matters.Essentialism helps you find the time for the most important.

Live with a sense

dream: to become a happier and better understand themselves

Renowned motivational speaker Danielle Laporte teaches you to set goals, which truly is the soul.It will help you to look deeper into all of your desires and aspirations and figure out what you want.By Danielle unique program for more than ten thousand people worldwide.By the way, in the book you will find a workbook that will help identify their deep aspirations.

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