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How to save eyesight
In the routine of everyday life, we often forget to give due attention to their health.Perceiving the ability to see as a matter of course, we sometimes do not appreciate a unique gift that nature has presented us - vision.

eyes give us the opportunity to contemplate the world, to receive the information evaluating the atmosphere around us.But in the crazy rhythm of modern life, when we are surrounded by computers, vision can easily deteriorate.Constant tension, stress and environmental pollution can be those risk factors that will eventually negative impact on vision, leading to its deterioration.With this in mind, it is better to take care of the eyes, than to undergo serious treatment.

1. Eat as much as possible VITAMINS

Proper nutrition - the key to good health.According to statistics, people who consume adequate amounts of vitamins, of the risk of deterioration is reduced by several times.

2. DISPOSE bad habits

In particular, this applies to heavy smokers.Every cigarette you smoke - the

inevitable source of danger not only for the eyes, but also for other organs of the body.Doctors found that those who smoke are significantly worse quality of vision due to increased intraocular pressure.


proved that bilberry improves the quality of vision, reduces eye fatigue and reduces the risk of eye diseases.It is advisable to eat blueberries all year round.For this summer, freeze berries stock with the expectation for the whole winter.

4. Spend more time outdoors

The more you walk in the fresh air, the better it will affect your health, including the eye.On the nature of man, as a rule, relaxes, decreases fatigue, eye a rest.

5. work on the computer CORRECT

is very important when working at a computer monitor is positioned correctly.It should be slightly below eye level to the upper lid has been omitted.This helps to reduce the evaporation of the liquid in the eye, which will reduce the risk of dry eye disease.


recommended to use high-quality sunglasses in bright sunlight.Remember that buying cheap sunglasses, you will save on their own health, which certainly will be felt.

7. add to your diet more green

beneficial effects on the eyes has any fresh herbs: dill, parsley, green onions, celery, etc. In addition, eat dishes from beets, it contains zinc and iron - two help improve vision.


If you work at the computer every day, do at least a ten-minute breaks every hour.It is also useful to look away from the monitor, switching to a specific point within 30 seconds.The same applies to reading.

9. monitor your blood pressure

pressure in some cases - a direct measure of eye diseases.

10. Use the special protective glasses when WORK

If your work is connected with any physical activities that might damage your eyesight (welding, cleaning, etc.), do not forget to wear with special goggles.

Adhering to these tips, you can keep your eyes on the many years of enjoying life in its most vivid colors.Take care of your vision in advance, and it will allow you to feel the beauty of life.The most important thing in life - no doubt, health, and it is better to take care in advance.


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