When the fear of attacks

Panic attack.What is and how to cope ?
day at IKEA, I witnessed a terrible scene.All were in the "Ikeyah" - there is quite a difficult system of corridors, passages, out of this circular layout is not always easy.And then suddenly I heard other customers loud female screams, "I hate all help me, where is the exit !!!" - an elderly woman sobbed loudly and writhing in hysterics.Shoppers it largely ignored, but many laughed.It is understood that she had a panic attack, provoked closed space from which she could not find a way out.


As a person suffering from bouts of anxiety and fear (when for no apparent reason is not alone, quickens the pulse, it is scary), and is not alien to a panic attack - oh, it's terrible memories - it seems that you have or will be, or alreadyhad a heart attack, what you're going to die, that you suffocate, can be a feeling of impending disaster or event, I felt very sorry for the unfortunate.One time I had a panic attack in the store and it was not tangled IKEA with corridors, and a simple

one-story shop with windows and doors, but it seemed to me that I could never find a way out, there was a feeling that space is shrinking, I rushed in searchexit, at some point began to cry from fear (if you read this funny, then this post is not for you), swallowed breath - feeling that you choke.What have I done?I called my husband and told him that I could not find a way out - since he was in the same mall, but in a different store.My husband knows what a panic attack - he told me that now that I come and stand still.

general panic attack - the sort of thing that absolutely do not want to have witnesses.Who wants to see you in tears, scared unclear what (panic attack usually unmotivated) and located in horror, and even fear death by a completely strange people to reason?

numb face and intercepts THROAT

Physical manifestation of panic attack - palpitations, sweating, blood flow to the head, some numb the face and extremities, hooks throat - are considered to be medical harmless, although they may in fact create a feelingthat you would break a heart or break the paralysis.This is the most important thing you should remember - panic attack symptoms only.It is finite - usually the physical symptoms of panic attacks do not last longer than 10 minutes (yes, I know, they seem like an eternity).So if you will be covered and will be scared, be prepared for that and repeat that this is now over.If possible, ask for help.There is nothing to be ashamed to admit that you're scared.Of course, there is a chance to pass hysterical, but I have a high opinion of the people and I think that people will always help.Call a loved one - sometimes even voice can calm you.

If panic attack happened once, it is not necessary to make any far-reaching conclusions of the style of "I'm crazy" - Statistics unmotivated anxiety and fear from time to time experienced more than 70% of the population.Not all of this means that the necessary medical care.Of course, if you have thoughts of death more often than you would like - that is another matter, and it requires a psychologist, and perhaps a psychiatrist, but a lot of fears are irrational and do not deserve to after they dig and worry about their health- can be even more scared.

As for me, my panic attacks for some time ago ended.I do not know what the reason - my psychoanalyst who taught me how to catch the poor state at the outset and (effort, we have achieved a simple but effective exercises) to force myself not to develop this situation, but everything went.

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