Honey Treatment: sweet medicine

Honey - is not only sunny sweet dessert for tea, but also a great therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

Of course, now there are plenty of high-performance synthetic drugs that allow even cure those diseases, which until recently were considered the sentence to the patient.Nevertheless honey is still widely used in medicine for the treatment of colds, diseases of the skin, and heart, lung and gastric pathology.Honey is always at hand, it is universal, and its reception does not lead to negative consequences, as it happens in the treatment of synthetic drugs.


Honey - an amazing treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.It is composed of B vitamins, A, E, niacin and ascorbic acid necessary for the body of manganese, copper, chromium, zinc, silicon, lithium, and many other biologically active substances involved in the metabolic processes of our body.The nutritional value of honey is caused by high glucose and fructose - valuable sources of energy.

Honey has immunostim

ulant, tonic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, expectorant and sedative effect.The therapeutic effect in the treatment of honey is due to a soft correction of pathological changes, so the effect is smooth, natural, and is not accompanied by complications.


Before the review of folk therapy honey recipes, discuss the contraindications.Unfortunately, not everyone can apply honey.In some cases, it can lead to unpleasant consequences for health.


In diabetes of the first type, when a person is forced to regularly inject themselves insulin, honey - the wrong means of treatment.If the diabetes is well controlled, periodic inclusion in the diet of small portions of honey can be quite valid, of course, subject to a corresponding increase in the dose of insulin.In the second type of diabetes, in some cases, honey can also be used in limited quantities.In any case, remember that diabetes - a very serious disease, so people with this disease the honey can be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Allergic reactions

allergy sufferers need to be very careful with honey therapy.Such individuals honey can cause allergic reactions, and sometimes quite heavy.An important caveat: the different honey has a different composition, therefore, even if the year you perfectly transferred the golden sweet product, it does not guarantee you the same result for the next year - a new honey may contain allergenic impurities for you.

For the same reason, should be with caution to give honey to young children.At various components of honey in children can occur not only allergic reactions in pure form, but also a diathesis, delivering a lot of trouble and the child and his mother.


Patients with asthma should not be performed inhalations with honey - it could provoke the strongest attack.But the use of honey with food or applying it to the skin in most cases is absolutely harmless for such patients.

should be remembered that the honey itself can not cure serious illnesses.It can be a good component of complex treatment, an excellent tool for prevention, but not a panacea, and essential medicines.Also, if you suffer from any chronic disease, before use of honey for therapeutic purposes, consult with your doctor - so it will be quieter and safer.


Honey - a traditional remedy for the treatment of so-called colds.The flu or bacterial respiratory infection is useful simply to drink tea with honey.So you give your body a lot of useful biologically active substances and help him cope with the infection.

Med with a cold

need onions, water and honey for medicinal preparation drops from the common cold.First, clean and finely cut onions (or twist in a meat grinder).Then, 3 tablespoons of onion gruel pour clean warm water (about 1/4 cup), add a teaspoon of honey and leave to infuse for 30-60 minutes.Before use, you need to drain part through cheesecloth or a fine sieve to remove solids onions.Nasal drops prepared - can instill 3-5 drops into each nostril every 4-6 day.Note that this medication will be slightly burn the nasal mucosa.

Honey for coughs

To prepare honey cough drops take carrot juice, and best radish, milk and honey.Drink cough should contain about the same amount of each component.Eat a tablespoon 6-8 times a day.

antipyretic HONEY MEANS

At higher temperatures need to give your body sweat: the evaporation of sweat from the skin - this is the body's natural cooling mechanism.To enhance the sweatshop honey effect it should be mixed with infusion of linden flowers.For this amount of linden flowers 1 tablespoon pour 150 ml boiling water and put in a water bath for 10-15 minutes.In the ready filtered and cooled infusion add 1-2 tablespoons of honey.At elevated temperatures take on a glass 2-4 times per day.

treat wounds

Honey inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and has a healing effect.This property is widely used for the treatment of various skin lesions, and mucosal membranes.When abrasions, cuts, blisters, ulcers can be applied to the affected area clean honey.

honey baths can be used - it is for one part of the two parts of honey were added to water and the resulting concentrated solution was lowered to 5-10 minutes affected area.

To enhance the wound healing effects of honey can be added to the mashed raw potatoes - by half a cup of potato pulp take 1-2 teaspoons of honey.Pribintovyvayut resulting mixture to the wound and allowed to stand for several hours.


In gastric ulcer honey is better to use in diluted form as a drink.The drink, made from 1 tablespoon of honey and 100 ml of warm water, you need to drink for 1 hour before meals and at night for the night.

You can prepare a mixture of broth and honey uliginose.To prepare the broth dessert spoon cottonweed boiled water, allow to simmer for 2-4 minutes, add 1-2 teaspoons of honey and insist composition of about half an hour.Take a ready means for 1-1.5 hours before a meal of 50 ml three times a day.

Remember: the treatment of gastric ulcer should be performed only under medical supervision.Be sure to take their prescribed medicines and do not abandon them in favor of honey therapy!

Gastritis mix in equal proportions the following herbs - licorice root, marshmallow, fennel fruit and flowers of the ordinary daisy.1 tablespoon of the mixture should be boiled in 200 ml of water for 2-4 minutes and left to warm for an hour.Strain, add a tablespoon of honey and drink half a cup three times a day for 1-2 hours before meals.

MED for liver

In diseases of the gallbladder as cholagogue, you can use a mixture of honey and viburnum, taken in equal amounts.Take the finished composition of the dessert spoon one hour after eating.

When viral hepatitis as an additional therapy to the main means you can use a decoction of herbs and honey.To prepare the decoction taken 3 of the barberry leaves and fruits of birch white, 2 parts oregano (herb) and 1 part of the roots of the great celandine grass and horsetail.To prepare the therapeutic composition 200 ml 1 tablespoon herbs mixture heated in a glass of water for 7-8 minutes, and then wrapped and allowed to stand for 2 h.In the strained broth is poured into 2 teaspoons of honey and drink 100 ml three times a day.

MED heart diseases and blood vessels

lot of heart and vascular diseases go hand in hand with atherosclerosis, so these patients are strongly recommended to restrict not only fat, but also sweet.A large number of sugars gives rise to excess fat and adversely affects the blood cholesterol level.If completely abandon sweet no strength, let your dessert will be useful - eat dried fruits and, of course, honey.Daily use of honey in the amount of 50-70 grams in divided doses cleans the blood vessels and prevents the formation of new cholesterol plaques, normalizes the functioning of the heart.

MED as a sedative

Regular use of honey helps relieve anxiety and irritability, and normalizes sleep.If you have problems falling asleep at night is recommended to drink a warm drink of water and honey or simply suck on a teaspoon of honey - and tasty, and good for sleeping.

honeys energy drinks

can not wake up?There are no forces to gather strength and tune in productive work?Prepare yourself an energy drink with honey!

Recipe №1. Take 2 pieces of orange and banana on 1 piece of avocado and lime, a glass of natural yogurt and brew green tea, honey - 1-2 tablespoons.Fruit peel, remove seeds.In blender container place the peeled fruit, honey and yogurt, grate zest of one orange and mix.Green tea is added at the end in such a quantity as to obtain a consistency pleasant for you.

Recipe №2. Cook 50 ml of coffee and cool it.Now dilute the drink a quarter cup of milk, half a cup of cold potable water and add 1-2 tablespoons of honey.

Recipe №3. 40 g blackberries, strawberries (or strawberries) and raspberries added to a glass of cranberry juice homemade.Mix all ingredients in a blender, add 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

honey in cosmetology

Hair Treatment

Honey nourish themselves hair and scalp, so do not deny yourself the pleasant fragrant procedure - hair mask with honey.Strengthens hair pure honey, which is rubbed into the scalp and leave it for half an hour.You can also try a mask with honey potato juice - this will require a mix the juice of one large potato with 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves of aloe and a tablespoon of honey.The resulting mixture was put on the scalp, massaging it and leave for 2-3 hours.

When split ends, a mixture of two parts of honey, one part of almond oil and one part apple cider vinegar.The composition applied to the hair for half an hour, then wash off.Hair stronger, becoming stronger and get shine.

Face masks

Honey moisturizes the skin, has antiseptic and nourishing properties.In addition, a mask with honey retard the aging process, as this natural remedy stimulates restorative processes and rejuvenates the skin.

Peeling masks Honey coffee: teaspoon of ground coffee, and three tablespoons of honey - an excellent remedy for cleansing the face and body.

Brightening Mask: chopped sour apple mix with a tablespoon of milk and two tablespoons of honey, add a few drops of lemon juice and vitamin A. We maintain the mask on the face and neck for 20-30 minutes.

Rejuvenating Mask: honey and creamy natural yoghurt mixed in a ratio of 2: 1, add raw egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil.The mask is applied to the skin for 20-25 minutes.

Purifying mask for problem skin: honey and yogurt in a ratio of 2: 1 mix and add zest and lemon juice, totaling 1 teaspoon 3 tablespoons of honey and a mixture of kefir.The mask should be kept on the face of at least 20 minutes.

Nourishing mask for dry skin: avocado and honey taken in a ratio of 1: 2, add a little starch and olive oil - the mask is ready.

Those compounds can be used to nourish the skin of hands - Apply the product to the hands, wear gloves and leave on for 15-30 minutes in the heat.Mask wash off with warm water.

If you still have not tried Honey as a healing and tonic, it is time to add to your life and to enjoy a variety of fragrant and sweet gift of nature.

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