Nerves to the limit

How to cope with a nervous breakdown ?
us bad, we "covers" we "can no longer" - familiar?

How often do you hear the words "I have a nervous breakdown?"Usually it is about the actors say after the play requires a large role of nervous tension.But often we are not playing in the drama, people, too, are going through a nervous breakdown, even without knowing it.We are bad, we are "covers" we "can no longer" - familiar? What is the trigger that passes through the body and, more importantly, when will it end? in my life failures occurred several times, most recently last week, so I want to talk on a familiar topic not on the books.

nervous breakdown call this life situation, when a person becomes unable to function normally.

If you want this kind of protection of the body, a sign that you have reached the limit of his psychological.Nervous breakdown, of course, can not be attributed to a normal response to stress, often breakdowns occur against a background of depression or anxiety syndrome, but also perfectly healthy from a psychiatric poi

nt of view, people can experience for yourself this serious condition.

Nervous breakdown is not so easy to recognize.It is not accompanied by hysteria with the smashing of crockery, most likely you do not have the strength - life situation so that you have exhausted all possibilities to fight and fall apart, sometimes even without knowing it.

HOW TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU nervous breakdown?

symptoms of a nervous breakdown:

  • You have no power, you can not function normally - you are not likely to go to work.
  • not able to communicate with people - can manifest itself in a very severe form - a man lies and looks at one point, showing no interest in life.
  • possible neglect of hygiene - there is simply no forces on it to take a shower.

Physical symptoms of a nervous breakdown

  • Anorexia
  • Muscle pain (as in cold)
  • Dizziness
  • Sweats (particularly sweaty hands)
  • you shaking (can knock his teeth like the cold)
  • In the areasolar plexus feels cold
  • Insomnia due to congestion of the brain - you wake up and start an internal dialogue with prospective interlocutors and can so itself bring that did not fall asleep, but rather will be crying and very upset (this is my "favorite" - so yourselfI can cheat - I wake up at 3 am and started)
  • Indigestion
  • complete breakdown - all the energy was spent on fighting the previous failure stress
  • fear and anxiety can be panic attacks (this is a separate issue, God forbidas they say), when it seems that you are on the verge of life and death - now you will have a heart attack, stroke, and you lose consciousness - do not be afraid, it's you "just sounds" - that goes.If there are no medicines, just breathe deeply, count and repeat that "it is now held»
  • Irritability

Psychological symptoms:

  • Tears - you are constantly crying, or just a lot of crying
  • feel guilty - there is much tocheat - you may be ashamed of their behavior, you may feel a burden, etc.
  • you feel very lonely -.. no matter what you do shut the door "Please do not disturb" and most likely will not wantsee anyone, but still you are very lonely and it is still painful.The feeling of uselessness.
  • Nothing of what brought before the joy, more of her does not bring - you did not watch the show "The Voice" have missed your favorite TV series, did not go on the weekend to go fishing, which had long been planning ...
  • Paranoia - you think,the whole world is against you

  • Wrote and here I think, and what are we going to do something with this nightmare?Well, first, most likely you do not have all the symptoms immediately, and secondly, take it easy.If you have a nervous breakdown, not a systemic disease, it will please you to the fact that it is finite.The last time I more or less came to three days."And you will be cured."

    nervous breakdown: WHAT TO DO?

    I must say that, in what I believe is sacred - no solace from mental illness does not come by itself.You will never be cured, if you do not make an effort. You do not want ever to lie facing the wall?So let's do something!

    Surely you have something from which you always laugh?It is possible that you so badly and you are so exhausted that even the idea to laugh, you think blasphemous.This is a false promise.You remember that smile begins with a muscular effort - you literally have the power to stretch the face smile, and from there is signal to the brain, and you getting better?For example, I look Verka Serduchka and every time I start to giggle.Maybe you want to sing along with any of the Assumption "Convertible" - do not hesitate to shout loudly!Find a funny movie - even if you otvoyuete currently only a few minutes respite, that's good.

    Stop offended - when you have a nervous breakdown, you definitely hurt - for example, I take offense at the close of the "insensitivity".But!My friends!Your loved ones may not have a clue about what you feel bad that you are at the limit, they are not mind readers and do not read thoughts. Know how to ask for help - it does not feel ashamed. There is nothing terrible to show weakness, and say: «I'm bad, I have a nervous breakdown, I do not want to talk about the reasons, I just want you stayed / pobyla with me." Always remember that your loved ones you love and help you - their natural desire (and rejection of the aid only hurt them, but the last thing you need now - to sort things out).Do not hesitate to ask you to go for ice cream or sausage (from what you have there endorphins?).

    Force yourself to look normal. simplest hygiene is not particularly tiring you, and will be easier on the soul, if you take a hot shower or soak in the bath with a book.Take a biography or a memoir of your idol (I read last week about Mikhail Baryshnikov) - people are not so experienced, you have something for sure will be selected!

    If you cry, then at some point you have to cry - here it is necessary to wash, to make ice packs to relieve swelling of the face and gradually enter into people.Do not go "to the restaurant", but to make a ponytail and go drink some ginger gingerbread latte, which will raise the dead, you may well.Go to the conditional Starbucks with her husband / boyfriend / girlfriend or one with a book (great saga about the "Shopaholic") or gloss - you need to do anything, just not to be immersed in his own thoughts.You have an acute condition, you have to pull yourself out of it.

    You can go for a massage, dye my hair (what I was doing last week) - the shock of radical new color on the head, or "art manicure" partially replace nervous shock).

    not take hostile world - the world is full of love, and the more good people than bad - it taught me my grandmother, this is a simple truth, but sometimes it is necessary to repeat itself.

    The most important thing to overcome a nervous breakdown - activity efforts.A healthy body will cope with a nervous breakdown a few days (maximum - weeks), but you should try.Otherwise, you can shove yourself into a depression, make mental ailments - you need it?

    Of course, when you will feel better, you should clean up your mental space , which led to a nervous breakdown - body gave the sign to you that he can not.Most likely, the source of stress that knocked you off your feet, is still here, but you have become stronger and more times you could get out of this serious condition, you will be able to cope with stress. Do not drive yourself, do not take on more than you can bear. life - no mean feat, and we live for happiness.


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