catarrhal gingivitis

Health and beauty of your teeth and gums depend primarily on the daily care.If you do not pay it enough attention, can develop a variety of diseases, and one of them - catarrhal gingivitis.

Under catarrhal gingivitis mean catarrhal inflammation of the gums, which may occur acutely or chronically.The acute form of catarrhal gingivitis in almost all cases, is a consequence of intoxication or some infection.Very often, it may occur during the spring depletion when the body lacks vitamins, or due to acute respiratory diseases, influenza, in the event of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

symptoms of catarrhal gingivitis

catarrhal gingivitis symptoms are sore and bleeding gums, which increases during brushing teeth or biting very hard food.You can also watch the fever, malaise and fever.The gums become swollen, red and bleeding at any pressure.

Brushing teeth is a real challenge, because gives a lot of pain.Because of this, people can solve and not brushing your teeth, thereby worsening the situ

ation even more.Therefore, when the first symptoms of catarrhal ginvivita should apply to the dentist.

Chronic catarrhal gingivitis

At the beginning of chronic catarrhal gingivitis can occur almost asymptomatic.Therefore, the patient can learn about the disease only by a dentist.

However, there are situations when the inflammatory process is only around a few teeth.External factors can lead to local inflammation in the area.Man feels the pain, swelling and bleeding gums.Every day, the inflammation is becoming stronger and stronger and becomes chronic.

Treatment of catarrhal gingivitis

catarrhal gingivitis is very important to treat as inflammation can affect the deeper periodontal tissues and lead to the development of periodontitis.This disease is treated much more difficult.

The most common treatment of catarrhal gingivitis begins with professional dental cleaning.Thereafter assigned mouth rinse chlorhexidine solution to neutralize the bacteria in the mouth.The doctor can give advice on proper oral hygiene and advise what hygiene is best to use in each case.

To prevent relapses, it is essential to a complete reorganization of the mouth: to treat tooth decay, seal the teeth and replace incorrectly installed seals and dentures.

Basically removal of dental plaque leads to positive results.If the inflammation continues, it held a special medical therapy.

the treatment of catarrhal gingivitis is very useful through gargle of sage, chamomile and other herbs.Work is also massage the gums and electrophoresis ascorbic acid.Assigned to a special diet that includes foods that contain vitamins B, A and E. If

catarrhal gingivitis was caused by a disease, the treatment is prescribed, and this disease.

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