Hypertrophic gingivitis

Hypertrophic gingivitis - inflammation, which is accompanied by an increase in the growth and interdental papillae and the gingival margin.Hypertrophic gingivitis usually leads to gingival hypertrophy.

Gingivitis - an inflammation of the gums, takes place under the influence of adverse local or general factors, without compromising the integrity of the periodontal attachment.

Symptoms of hypertrophic gingivitis

There is swelling and inflammation.Desna gets an unusual appearance, but its color is almost unchanged.If irritation bleeding and pain are absent.Desna takes the form of a thickened at the base of the roller, the surface bumpy and gingival papillae sealed.

degree of development of hypertrophic gingivitis

Depending on the degree of gum irritation there are three degrees of hypertrophic gingivitis:

  • 1 level - easy, gingival papillae cover 1/3 of the tooth;
  • 2 degree - average, gingival papillae cover up to 1/2 of the tooth height;
  • 3 degree - heavy, gingival papillae cover more than 1/2 o
    f the tooth height.

development of hypertrophic gingivitis

causes of hypertrophic gingivitis cause its development.If this defect crowns or fillings or tooth crowding, there are reasons of local character - the development will go from that place.

If the cause of the system, such as hormonal disruptions, the development of hypertrophic gingivitis will be general in nature.This hypertrophic gingivitis is common in pregnant women and during puberty.Restoring hormonal levels in this case leads to the disappearance of hypertrophic gingivitis without any special treatment.

Begin hypertrophic gingivitis can seamlessly - with catarrh.Gradually growing, it causes swelling and proliferation of connective tissue.Papilla become smooth, painful on touch and red with a bluish tint.

Some medications can contribute to the proliferation of fibrous.Then gingival papillae cover partially or completely the entire crown of the tooth.Because of this, food remains accumulate under the gum, this causes aggravation of inflammation.As a result, you may receive an abscess and destruction of deeper periodontal tissues.

In some cases, overgrowth of the gums may indicate any general diseases or local tumor process, so it is very important, without delay, consult a specialist.Dentist prescribe effective treatment and thereby warn the transition of pathological process in a more severe inflammation.

Treatment of hypertrophic gingivitis

As with any disease, the first thing to do - to identify the cause of hypertrophic gingivitis.Then you need to fix it.

If hypertrophic gingivitis caused by hormonal, the periodontist will refer you to an endocrinologist.If the disease is caused by local factors (incorrectly posed crown or filling), they eliminate the dentist.

Hypertrophic gingivitis can be caused by leukemia, diabetes and other serious illnesses.The false pockets, which are formed with hypertrophic gingivitis, accumulate deposits.They need to be cleaned for a quick recovery.

In very severe cases, when gingivitis does not go away even when identifying and treating the cause, surgery is used.

can expect good results in all types of gingivitis, if the patient turns to a specialist in time and acts in accordance with regulations.

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