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8 ways to improve cold symptoms
Well, again, you wake up in the morning and found that the harbingers of a cold have come in full combat readiness: a headache, a sore throat, nose thoroughly laid.

Given that the species of viruses that cause the common cold, there are more than two hundred, you can be provided in its power a few times a year.On average, adults get cold 2-3 times a year, the children - 8 times or more.If you do everything right, the common cold will take a week or two.Otherwise, the "guests" in the body, it can be even longer.What mistakes worsen and prolong the symptoms?

you ignore DISEASE

How I would like to cancel the cold simple lack of faith in it!In the end, your life probably have more important and interesting things to do than sit at home and suffer."A common mistake - the unwillingness to slow down their pace of life and engage in treatment," says physician and infectious disease specialist Neelam Tanezha.If you're exhausting yourself chores, feeling unwell, even if it is a common cold, then you make y

ourself worse and prolong the disease.

YOU spread germs

Usually, it takes 2-3 days after infection common cold virus to the onset of symptoms, but sometimes the incubation period may take a week.At the same time you feel okay, but notice how the disease slowly "sealed" inside.Therefore it is very important to protect others from infection.To limit the risk of transmission of proctudy others, always cover your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing, and wash your hands frequently.Otherwise, you will infect their home or colleagues, and cold may come back to you like a boomerang, tightening your current life for a longer time.

you take antibiotics for colds

If the disease is a bacterial nature, antibiotics sure you help out.But viruses on these medicines "sneeze", and if you try to banish colds with antibiotics, it will achieve the opposite effect.The body has developed a resistance to antibiotics, and when they need you the next time their effect will be significantly weakened.Conclusion: no antibiotics during a cold!


often during cold do not want to eat or drink.However, a sufficient amount of fluids your body is a must.Folk medicine - chicken soup - is not a myth, and it really helps.Mucous membranes are much more successful detain and neutralize viruses, penetrated into the sinuses when they are well moistened."Getting enough fluids, you are also eliminated from the body toxins and other harmful substances, penetrated into it," adds Dr. Tanezha.

you ignore their tiredness

you really need extra sleep if you knocked down a cold or the flu, said Dr. Tanezha.This is especially true at the elevated temperature.Sleep helps the body fight infection.Although this advice sounds like a cliché, quiet and bed rest to help soon recover from the disease.

you continue to smoke

Smoking can worsen cold symptoms, especially cough."When you smoke, you will irritate your lungs, - says Dr. Tanezha.- During cold your lungs and so angry, and tobacco smoke is the irritation will increase even more. "And avoid secondhand smoke: during cold for your lungs, it does not differ from the active.


Research shows that stress negatively affects your immunity, leading to overload it.In the immune system and works so hard during respiratory diseases.Nervously, you worsen their protection and prolong the disease.

YOU ACCEPT too much medication

Some OTC drugs against colds can help you.For example, anti-congestion of the nose will be removed this unpleasant symptom.But the abuse of these drugs, you can achieve the opposite effect.If you use drops or sprays against nasal congestion for 3 days or more, membrane in the nose may swell and even more lay your nose.Never exceed the recommended dose and duration of use of the drug.Especially because some of the funds at all useless.For example, a popular painkiller ibuprofen can do nothing with the painful throat and sinuses and coughing.


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