Diabetes is not sugar

7 myths about diabetes , in that it is not necessary to believe
Even if you are not familiar with the person with diabetes, you probably can imagine how hard it is to live with a disease that requires constant monitoring of their own health.Not to mention the psychological Burden to embark on a diabetes patient's shoulders.

«Diabetes is considered one of the most difficult, from a psychological point of view, chronic diseases," - say experts from the Miami Medical Center in the journal "Clinical Diabetes."

Therefore, regardless of whether you have diabetes personally know someone who has them is sick, or fear they get sick in the future, it is important to know what kind of myths about the disease are groundless.

MYTH: Diabetes type 1 and 2 - are equally

Fact: Sorry, no.Between them lies a huge physiological gulf.Type 1 diabetes means that the body does not produce enough insulin.Insulin is needed by all.This hormone released by the pancreas and helps deliver energy in the form of glucose into the cells.Type 1 diabetes - an autoimmune disease which causes

the body mistakenly attacks itself, in this case - by destroying cells that produce insulin.Type 2 diabetes, in contrast, occurs when the body is inefficient use the insulin it produces.Therefore, people with type 2 diabetes require insulin supplement is sometimes in the form of injections.According to statistics, the amount is 30% of people with type 2 diabetes.

Myth: People with diabetes need to take insulin

Fact: The above 30% - not a typo.In type 1 diabetes needs insulin, but for people with type 2 diabetes, such injections are quite rare.Instead injections treatment of type 2 diabetes comprises administering oral agents such as metformin which reduce blood sugar levels and improve the body's response to insulin.Sometimes you can do without drugs, regularly engaging in sports, following the right diet to avoid sudden jumps in the level of sugar.

MYTH: If you have diabetes can not eat CARBOHYDRATES

Fact: Talking about the right diet, it is necessary to clarify: when diabetes can eat carbohydrates, the main thing - carefully counting them."Many people think that they can no longer eat the food they eat other family members.But this is not the case.You can - but you need to limit yourself to the portions "- said Linda Murphy, a physician with 30 years of experience working with diabetics.Be careful with all products containing carbohydrates, including milk, yogurt and fruit.Murphy advises to seek help from a dietitian, to deal with the permissible portions: "Diabetes does not mean that from now on you will be forever deprived of treats - a small piece of cake you will not destroy, if not to make it a daily habit."

Choose carbohydrates that are rich in fiber, such as lentils, beans, zucchini and potatoes, because they are digested slowly and do not increase dramatically the level of blood sugar.However, Murphy warned not to fall into the trap of "insulin permissiveness" - have anything if you take insulin.The right to a rare treat you no one chooses, but the joke with the differences in the level of blood sugar is not: to accompany them will be very unpleasant symptoms and an increased stress on the internal organs.

MYTH: EXCESS SWEET leading to diabetes

Fact: return to the psychological pressure, when you or scare you developing diabetes because of addiction to sweets."Sugar does not cause diabetes," - says Murphy.Correctly say that diabetes - a reaction to the difficult relationship between carbohydrates and sugars, a family history of diabetes, weight and how do you deal with all of the above."In my family, there is diabetes in a generation, - says Murphy.- They suffered from my grandmother, and now I suffer. "

MYTH: obesity leads to diabetes

Fact: Again.Diabetes - the result of a mixture of genetic and physiological factors and lifestyle.At the moment, scientists have not been able to identify a specific cause, leading to diabetes.So do not rush to point fingers.Yes, obesity is a risk factor, but have diabetes, even very thin people or not very full of suffering.15% of diabetics - those with a "normal" weight, according to the Harvard School of Medicine.

Myth: Having diabetes can feel

Fact: «Many people live for years with diabetes and not even know about it", - says Murphy.According to the American Diabetes Association, almost every 3 Americans with diabetes is unaware of his illness.Basically, the reason for this is the interpretation of symptoms as signs of other, less dangerous diseases.Increased frequency of urination, for example, can be attributed to a urinary tract infection, and unusual sense of tiredness - just a protracted cold."All of these symptoms need to put together," - says Murphy.Tell about them and be sure to tell your doctor if your family history of diabetes.


Fact: more dangerous kind.By itself, the diabetes will not kill you, Murphy says, but if you do not take steps for its controlling, complications can make it.Untreated, diabetes can lead to malfunction of the heart, stroke, amputations, blindness and kidney failure.

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