How to breathe ?

Why do you constantly stuffy nose ?
You are not sick, and allergies, as you know, do not suffer.So why the nose is constantly incorporated?Although the common cold, flu, and allergies to pollen and animal - common causes of nasal congestion, there are other unexpected reasons why breathing through the nose becomes so hard.Here are 6 little-known reasons, which is worth knowing.

irritation (BUT NOT ALLERGY) something

Almost one in three suffering from inflammation of the nasal sinuses, suffers from so-called non-allergic rhinitis - this means that the immune system has nothing to do with it."If you are tested for the presence of allergies and did not reveal any, is likely to have non-allergic rhinitis," said the head of the Department of Immunology at the University of Louisiana Gerald Lee.One of its common forms - vasomotor rhinitis (runny nose false) - usually occurs when the body is experiencing irritation of cigarette smoke, perfume or air dry.Temperature fluctuations can also contribute to its occurrence.The best way to fight -

to find out what provokes nasal congestion and try to avoid it.If this strategy does not work, ask your doctor to prescribe you a decongestant or nasal spray with antihistamines or corticosteroids.


addition to the large belly you have to deal with a lot of changes in the body, nurturing the fetus.Hormonal fluctuations are ambitious, and more blood circulates through the body.While many are aware of the accompanying pregnancy swollen feet, about the swelling of the sinuses is known not for everyone.This change can cause nasal congestion (by the way, bleeding from the nose - is also not uncommon in expectant mothers).Humidifier, drinking plenty of fluids and saline nasal spray may relieve the problem.But taking any non-prescription drugs should first discuss with your doctor.

RETSEDIVNAYA nasal congestion

Decongestants nasal spray can work wonders if you are suffering from colds or allergies.But be on the alert: if you do not follow instructions (such funds can not be used for more than 3 days in a row), swelling of the nose may come back like a boomerang.And again you will take up a bottle with a spray.This vicious circle reminiscent of dependence.Breaking it is necessary, no matter how bad you may feel yourself.Some of this may need prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor.

sluggish thyroid gland

Another stone in the garden of hormones.Hypothyroidism - a condition in which the body does not produce enough hormones to stimulate the thyroid gland.It can cause nasal congestion, along with fatigue, constipation, thinning hair, dry skin, and the constant feeling of cold.If you mean at the problem, ask your doctor to refer you to the appropriate tests.Supplementation with synthetic thyroid hormone will help solve the problem.


Colds still can not finish?Most viral infections, including colds, end in 1-2 weeks.If you're long (or noticed that the common cold is over, only to start again), contact your doctor.You may develop a bacterial infection of the sinuses, which will require treatment with antibiotics.Other signs of bacterial infection are fever, purulent nasal discharge and severe pain.

nasal polyps

Another reason for the "eternal cold" - polyps.These noncancerous education (which may occur in the sinuses) are not dangerous, but they can physically partition off the airway in the nose, causing a pleasure not to be accurate.Polyps are most often found in people with allergies, asthma and chronic nasal infections.If you constantly feel a blockage of the nose, distinguish bad smells and tastes, go to the doctor to check.Polyps can be removed, but they tend to re-grow.Steroid nasal spray helps to reduce the size of polyps.


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