Zika virus : all you need to know

The first case was registered in Moscow.Should we be afraid ?
In recent years began to appear more and more frightening news about the virus Zika.But how dangerous it is?Experts talk about what is known about the disease.

1. LOCATION spread of the virus - TROPICS

Zika virus refers to a virus genus flavivirus mind are carried by mosquitoes.Zika virus is spread through the bite of mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, who "hunts" in the daytime and feeds a special passion for human blood.Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced a US warning on the movement of the main part of Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands.If you are traveling to these countries, the CDC recommends the use of repellents, which are worth to put on top of sunscreen.


However, despite the concentration of cases in Latin America, the virus can travel around the world.Initially, the virus was detected in Africa, and in 8 years of observation, it was noted a few cases of infection."But in 2014, the virus moved to French Polynesia and then on Easter Island, an

d in 2015 - in Central America, the Caribbean, South America, where the infection has become an epidemic," said the doctor Niket Sonpal, professor at Touro College of Medicine in NewYork.At present, the virus is registered in 22 countries of the Americas, and its appearance is expected in the US, according to the Pan-American Health Organization.

3. Not everyone infected becomes ill

According to the CDC, only one out of five infected develop Zika disease.Symptoms usually appear 2-7 days, so people may not even know about the infection.Gosle visiting countries where the spread Zika virus is during the week very carefully monitor their condition.

4. MOST This virus is not terrible

Despite frightening headlines, Zeke - fairly easy virus.The most common symptoms resemble the flu: fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis - they last about a week.According to the CDC, deaths and hospitalization at Zeke's disease is extremely rare among generally healthy people.

5. It is easily treatable

Although anti-virus Zika no vaccines and drugs for healthy people as a whole it is not dangerous.CDC recommends bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids.If after a few days you do not feel relief, Dr. Sonpal advised to consult a doctor.However, it is worth noting that at Zeke's disease should not take aspirin and ibuprofen, as they thin the blood.Dengue is carried by the same kind of mosquitoes and causes an increased risk of bleeding, so if you have contracted the disease not Zeke, and like him dengue fever, take blood-thinning drugs - a bad idea.

6. Zika is a danger to pregnant women

Although the virus is not so bad for most people, it represents a serious danger to pregnant women.The infected woman can pass the virus to her baby during childbirth, but the main problem: Zika virus can cause serious damage to the fetus.The main concern is the microcephaly, disturbance, which prevents the development and growth of the head and the brain of the fetus.In addition to the physical defect, Zika virus can lead to developmental delay, convulsions and mental retardation.In late December, the Brazilian health officials even advised women to postpone their plans to get pregnant, because in 2015 the country was born about 2400 babies with microcephaly.If you travel to these countries at any stage of pregnancy, precautions should be maximized.

7. VIRUS Zeke sexually transmitted

At least theoretically.According to the New York Times, at present two cases of infection with the virus sperm and one case of sexual transmission of the virus have been reported.Although CDC still does not comment on them, as well as with all the other unpleasant diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, it is better to be safe."Despite the fact that we do not yet have sufficient data and analyzes, caution remains the best means of prevention," agrees Dr. Sonpal.

Source: zdorovie.com

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