Fitness after childbirth : how to get in shape again

Fitness after childbirth : how to get in shape again
How to return to training if time after the birth of a baby is not even enough for it to pull out of the closet the old tracksuit?Useful whether postpartum fitness?

Michel Torington known fitness trainer from Boston, says: if you can carve out for yourself at least five minutes to spare, you need to use them efficiently.

Plan fitness after childbirth advance

Five minutes, that you want to devote to fitness after childbirth, you need to plan ahead and bring in your calendar or to-do list as well as a shopping trip, a visit to the dentist or the day of a friend's birthday.You will begin to return to their previous rhythm only when the five-minute will become an integral part of your day.

Connect child

Fitness instructors adapted yoga for almost any situation.There are special yoga classes designed for joint exercises mothers with their babies, and some of these programs are well suited to activities with little ones, who have not even learned to crawl.

This funny yoga as fitness after the birth,

will help strengthen not only muscles but also your relationship with your child.If you find such fitness classes you do not succeed, you can get the video programs.

Use every opportunity to fitness after childbirth

Special training entirely optional.Include dynamic music during the harvest and dance.Do anything you want, any steps, that you would not dare to demonstrate in public.The main thing is that your heart beat is often: because dancing - a great cardio!

Fitness postpartum outdoors: walk

If weather permits, you can walk with the child in the park or in the courtyard, and the rain and the wind should not be a reason to stay at home: take your baby to the supermarket.Let your walking speed is not so high, but regular walks not only have a tonic effect, but also to instill in a child from infancy healthy lifestyle.

Put realistic goals

Even a year after giving birth your body continues to change and rebuild.Unfortunately, in many cases, to achieve the same shape that you have been before pregnancy, it is already impossible.But this is no reason for despondency.Set a reachable goal.Let them be small: to learn a new asana, run the extra 100 meters or lose weight by 1 kg.

sure to reward yourself for every, even small victory: treat yourself to a new set of clothes or a pair of shoes, sign up for a massage or enjoy a cup of tea with a friend.And feel free to put new goals.

delegates authority

Do not hesitate to ask your beloved husband for help, it will be very easy to look after the baby while you do yoga or running.And of course, do not let her husband forget his part in maintaining your form is reduced not only to the child care.

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