How to avoid childhood obesity

Childhood obesity : how to avoid it
Childhood obesity in our time is becoming a common problem.50% of children who had extra weight in the preschool years, will suffer from excess weight into adulthood.

probability of obesity make all subsequent years, being obese in adolescence, and even higher - 89%.How to save a child from obesity and help to lose weight, if it is already there?

Obesity in children: when to sound the alarm

Obese called chronic disease, which is characterized by abnormally high accumulation of body fat.

Pediatricians estimate the excess baby weight centile for (interest) tables, based on its weight and height.

Parents also enough focus on the indicators adopted in pediatrics.Thus, the weight of the newborn to 6 months is doubled by the year increased three times, ie up to 10-15 kg.Normally, up to five years, the child should be added to 2 kg each year, after - 3 kg, and at puberty weight gain may be 5-8 kg.

It is understood that due to the nature of the children gain weight unevenly.However, talking about obesit

y, if the child scored 4 kg instead of two for the year, there is no reason.

In this case, there may be overweight.Under these pediatricians understand exceeding the established weight standards relative growth, but is characteristic of obesity fat deposits yet.

However, doctors urge parents to be alarmed if they notice in their child's overweight.It is proved that the extra weight in most cases lead to obesity in children.

Dangerous Age

Pediatricians pay attention to three specific periods when the risk of obesity in children increases in times:

  • early age - up to 3 years;
  • late preschool age - 5-7 years;
  • puberty -12-14 and 16-17 years.

What causes obesity in children

Excess weight is accumulated when the body gets more calories than you consume.Healthy children are usually very active, and you can not accuse them of being slow, rather the contrary.Hence the conclusion that obesity in the child's parents are often to blame.

overfed children, without limiting consumption of fatty, fried, flour food, including fast food and soft drinks.Less common causes of obesity lies in the genetic predisposition and endocrine diseases.

risk group

There is a so-called risk group for obesity.

It includes children who are prone to weight gain, for example, if the parents or close relatives of patients with obesity, diabetes and diseases of the endocrine system.

also pay special attention to the child's weight is if he suffers from thyroid disease and other endocrine diseases, early was transferred to artificial feeding, born prematurely or small.

Treatment of obesity in children

adult medicine offers a variety of ways to get rid of this problem - from gastric bypass to hormone therapy.

But against children are allowed only two ways of treatment - diet therapy and physical exercise.


food culture laid the child in the family has up to 3 years.Therefore, all the taste preferences of parents affected by diet.Unfair to blame the child's dislike of vegetables, if at breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at home pasta nautically, richly flavored ketchup.

strict diet in children is contraindicated.It will only worsen the situation.To develop a diet for weight loss should only pediatrician or nutritionist, under their own supervision is conducted diet therapy.

main purpose of the diet - to reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrate.Therefore excluded or limited consumption of sugar, jam, flour and semolina, wheat bread, potatoes.

child should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink fruit drinks and fresh juices.Excluded are also sharp, salty, smoked and fried food.It is better to prepare meals for a couple or a stew.


necessary to fully support the activity of the child.But encourage him to move more, most lying on the couch, it will be extremely difficult.Your example should be contagious for the child.Walk hiking, winter skiing and ice skating, get a dog - the child would be happy to walk with her, set the house wall bars.

important to strongly endorse and support the child's desire to lose weight.Encourage praise and attention from his failure to junk food on its own initiative, Forbid him not to walk all day long, and in any case, do not doubt that he will be able to get rid of excess weight.

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