Diet for lactating mothers

Diet for lactating mothers
products capable of providing breast milk all the necessary substances to the kid.Introducing diet for lactating mothers.

Mothers who hurry to get rid of the kilos gained during pregnancy, do not forget about that diet lactating mothers should give the necessary boost of energy the body and be full, to ensure that both mother and child a full range of essential vitamins and nutrients.


It is an excellent source of energy and a component of the diet for lactating mothers.Plus it contains dezokozageksaenovaya acid, which is extremely important for the development of the child's nervous system and plays a role in the prevention of postpartum depression.

Dairy products with low fat

Dairy products are an excellent source of proteins, vitamins B and D, and calcium.A calcium - the basis of the child's skeletal development.For the consumption of sufficient amounts of his young mother needed each day included in the diet for at least three servings of dairy products.

lean beef

rich in protein, iron and vitamin B12, and is therefore an excellent tool in the restoration of power in the diet for lactating mothers.


beans rich in iron and is an excellent food.Especially good for vegetarians.


This berry is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Since nursing mothers need more vitamin C than even pregnant women, oranges and other citrus fruits are indispensable for breastfeeding, of course, if the baby is not allergic from such a diet.


Egg yolk - one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, necessary for the maintenance and strength of the child's bone growth.In addition, eggs are an excellent source of protein.

Green vegetables

They contain vitamin A, C, iron, and heart-healthy antioxidants, low in calories and are pleasant to the taste.

Water in diet nursing women

Dehydration is always bad for the body, and young mothers lose water even with milk.We need time to quench their thirst and do not forget to drink fresh juices and water.But be careful with respect to beverages containing caffeine: getting into breast milk, it can perevozbudilsya baby and disturb his sleep.

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