What's eating centenarians ?

Vegetarians live longer than meat eaters
analysis of a number of studies have shown that fans of the vegetarian lifestyle as compared to meat-eaters lower blood pressure and rarely elevated blood cholesterol levels.

Vegetarians have reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and the tendency to corpulence.Also, vegetarians are more likely are in a good mood.However, they do not rest on a healthy diet, and pay attention to sports, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, trying to maintain a healthy state, not only the physical body but also spiritual.

In this article, I would like to share with you a secret that I discovered while traveling on a mysterious and silent wisdom of his impressive country - India.There I was fortunate to meet a Buddhist monk who told what today I want to share with you.

Trust basics of ancient Buddhism is another reason that Buddhists, as a rule, are indeed long-lived.But if nirvana, meditation and Buddhist truths of information has long been available to all, the secrets of power, which mo

st directly affect the life expectancy, are classified as "secret."We all know about the great benefits of fruits and vegetables, how many vitamins and nutrients they contain, but do we know about the magic of longevity, which carry the food?


Buddhists prefer green tea.Miraculous green tea catechin content is, the bioactive substance, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis, and certain types of cancer.It would be desirable to observe that in black tea is no substance, as it is destroyed during manufacture.

daily tea ceremony can become not only a fashionable fad, but also contribute to a long and happy life.


Yes, imagine such everyday for each house, and very affordable for any purse product is able to extend our day.By the way, in India, on the other hand, an apple fruit is considered to be very expensive.Quercetin contained in apples, is able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and is a good prevention of Alzheimer's disease.Apples also contain vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular system.

What could be better than an apple snack that brings so much good?


second simple fruit, often present in the kitchen of many people in our vast country.The amount contained in a banana is magnesium one-sixth of the daily requirement.This indicates an increase in stress and relieving spasticity in the muscles.


record for the content of vitamin E. Monitor the aging of cells in our body, prolonging our lives and promoting health.

huge number of recipes containing avocado will help make this product indispensable in your diet.


In ancient medicine of India, China and Tibet celery recommended included in the diet of cancer patients.This powerful means to strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the appetite.A magical effect on the kidneys and the liver makes this product invaluable.

same invaluable as soup flavor of celery, which can be an excellent guest at your dinner table.

Papaya Papaya has medicinal properties for the female body.Consumption of papaya can help resolve many gynecological problems.From the latex of unripe fruits get papain, which is used to improve digestion.In the tropics, papaya is used as an anthelmintic.And in your kitchen papaya is very useful for tasty and healthy salad.


Chiku is known for its significant benefit to the digestive system.Unripe fruit is used to stop diarrhea (due to the saturation of the fruit tannin).Nice doctor with unpleasant disorder of the body.


Record for the content of vitamin C. Guava is the most powerful antioxidant in nature.Daily intake of guava fruit is able to normalize blood pressure and improve heart function.And become an unusual substitute for lemon and lime.

carambola Carambola is able to restore and maintain the condition of the nervous system.Also regular consumption of this fruit helps to improve the reproductive functions of the body and improve the work of the thyroid gland.


Mango has long been used in the treatment of cholera and plague, and now has an excellent natural properties capable of positively influence the genitourinary system.Also, the mango is a strong styptic.Mango juice is used for the treatment of acute dermatitis.A tasty and healthy product.


Like many exotic fruits, passion fruit contained in a huge amount of nutrients.Rich in minerals, passion fruit is very much a leader in content of potassium, iron, copper and zinc.In addition, passion fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and PP.Such a vast variety of nutrients makes this fruit is very valuable to the human body.Regular use of passion fruit is able to prolong youth, to improve the condition of the skin, strengthen hair and improve the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Thus, I think anybody does not arise doubt that consume large amounts of the products listed above is useful for the organism.Unfortunately, the entire list of products not available to all and not always.But do not forget that the daily fruit salad - even from an apple and a banana with honey spoon - can not only please you for breakfast, but also make long-lived.

Source: vegetarian.ru

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