How to wean a child from sweet

Facts about sugar and tips for parents
Today, our kids consume 28% of sugar more than 16 years ago by their peers.And numbers are getting bigger every year.

So, in 2010, according to the American Academy of Nutrition children consumed an average of 23 teaspoons (92 grams) of sugar per day.This cup 175 (35 kg) of sugar per year.Our children often eat for a year is the amount of sugar that is greater than their own weight.

Abuse sweet fraught with negative consequences: hyperactivity, mood swings, behind in their studies, fatigue, tooth decay, fatigue, obesity, susceptibility to diabetes and heart disease.

What to do?How to help our children to eat less sweets?We offer you informative facts and tips of the book "How to wean a child from sweet» .

sugar and insulin

too many sweets at your child's desk, overweight and lack of sports.All this affects the susceptibility to diabetes in the future.

Sugary foods and drinks overload the pancreas and cause it to produce excess insulin continuously.Gradually, the iron is no longer working effe

ctively, the cells do not receive the necessary insulin or becomes resistant (ie, do not miss a sugar).

According to statistics, today every third child is at risk of getting diabetes in the future.And insulin resistance threatens even heart disease.


If your child eats sugary foods instead of a nutritious diet, it does not receive the necessary for growth and development substances.This fiber, vitamins A, C and E, folic acid, magnesium and calcium.Instead of useful milk (source of calcium), children are more likely to drink sugary juices, milkshakes and yoghurt.They contain very little calcium, needed for bone growth.Against the background of the deficit can develop softening of bone tissue, and therefore the risk of fractures and osteoporosis appears.But that is not all.Minerals, which are already contained in the child's bones, the body will be spent on processing acids, which are contained in such beverages.Which again leads to a softening of the bone tissue.


Long-term studies show that sugar-rich foods and beverages are addictive and influence the behavior of children.A survey of high school students in Boston has shown that children who drink more soda (five or more cans per week), more aggressive towards their peers.Just one soft drink a day can increase the teenage aggression, alcohol or cigarettes.


Try to buy less sweet food and drinks

Eating habits of children are formed in the family.Therefore, if you do a little baby, do not let him sweet foods, accustomed to healthy eating.As a result, the baby will love what it is fed regularly.If it will be vegetables and fruits, it will retain a useful habit for life.

The same principle applies to adults and older children.If you get used to hypersweet taste, you'll want to eat too much sugary foods.But is it worth to you to limit the amount of sugar in the diet, as the taste buds will soon be reconstructed, and you get used to the natural sweetness of useful products.

whole foods instead of refined

body is more suited to the processing of such products, so be sure to include them in the child's diet.

When we eat a bowl of oatmeal or salad they contain processed sugars slowly (within two to three hours), the blood sugar level increases gradually, the pancreas produces insulin only as much as necessary.Man feels satiated for a long time, all the processes in the body occur naturally.

When you give your child processed foods like sweet chocolate balls for breakfast, there is a sharp rise in blood sugar.The body thinks it is eaten a lot of sweet rolls and a huge dose of insulin.One hour later blood sugar already there, and continues to produced insulin for a further two hours.Low blood sugar is very harmful for the body: people quickly feel hungry, tired and wants another dose of sweet.

not buy sugary drinks, to teach a child to a simple water

The body of the child is 70-80% water, so it is very important that he drank every day a required amount of water.

not buy soda and energy.They are too much sugar.Consider these figures: in the bank of soda (355 mL), about ten teaspoons (2.5 grams) of sugar!This sugary drinks do not make up the body's fluid needs, not quench thirst, can lead to excess weight and obesity.

Points for useful habits

Encourage the child to eat less sweet.Faithful ally can become a system of points that are awarded for each uneaten sweetness.Points are good for elementary school children.For kids 5-6 years more appropriate stickers.

Older children love to get points, which can then be exchanged for prizes.To be sufficient motivation for the prize must be really welcome.

As a teenager interested in

If your family is growing teenager who used to eat sweets, break him of the habit will be difficult.In order to interest him, tell that, on scientific data, the excess sugar in the diet - the main cause of acne and zinc deficiency, which can delay puberty and cause of excess weight.Excess sugar causes nutritional deficiency, due to which the deteriorating results in sport and education.

to your child grow up healthy and developed normally, watch his diet.Tips on how to build the power of the child, you will find in the book "How to wean a baby from the sweet."

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