The first signs of diabetes : diabetes predict analysis

The first signs of diabetes : diabetes predict analysis
presence in the blood of the five identified amino acids predicting the development of diabetes for many years before the appearance of the first signs of the terrible disease.

Scientists Research Center of cardiovascular disease in Massachusetts (USA) found that a blood test for the presence of amino acids very accurately determine the risk of developing type II diabetes as in apparently healthy people, and at risk.

first signs of diabetes - blood amino acids

Researchers note that the breakdown in the metabolism system, which will eventually lead to diabetes, are beginning to emerge for many years before the discovery of the disease.For example, insulin resistance develops well before the blood sugar level reaches the highest values ​​which are observed in diabetes.

The researchers found that a blood test for the presence of amino acids very accurately determines the risk of later type 2 diabetes in apparently healthy individuals, as well as those people who have traditional risk factors for diab

etes, such as obesity or overweight.

«Our findings help to look deeper into the complex metabolic changes that occur in the earliest stages of the development of diabetes," - said the lead researcher, Dr. Thomas Wang of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to him, the identification of these amino acids is the first sign of diabetes and will determine which of them is at risk for the occurrence of diabetes, and the time to begin preventive measures.

scientists compared blood samples of those people who eventually came diabetes, blood samples of healthy volunteers at the end of the study.Analyses were performed at the beginning of the experiment, the researchers interested in blood levels of a wide variety of metabolites - small molecule chemical compounds which are released into the bloodstream during the metabolism in the body.In total 61 experts assessed the level of the substance.

The results were very interesting.It was found that high-risk during the life of type 2 diabetes is associated high content of amino acids in the blood 5: isoleucine, leucine, valine, tyrosine and phenylalanine.

And all of them, except for tyrosine, are essential to the human body.This means that they are not formed in the body, and therefore for its normal operation must come from outside the food.

And the most accurate predictor of diabetes factor was measurement of the five amino acids, rather than each of them individually.

It was found that if a person has the traditional factors of type 2 diabetes risk, such as obesity and insulin resistance, combined with high levels of the amino acid data (especially isoleucine, tyrosine and fenilialanina) the risk of diabetes in the future grew to as much as 5-7 times.

results of the study of American specialists published in the international scientific journal Nature Medicine.

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