How to stop snoring : 5 Ways

How to stop snoring
Snoring - this is a serious problem.He breaks the normal sleep and worried about your home.Snoring affects more than 90 million adults and their families.How to stop snoring?

in Britain conducted a survey which showed that if your other half snores, then to a gold wedding you have accumulated a total of 4 years of poor sleep.

In addition, people who are constantly not get enough sleep, feeling tired, they have problems with memory and mood, increases the risk of getting into car accidents.

How to stop snoring

Snoring can be divided into mild and severe.Mild snoring is considered when a person snores only part of the night, or the night, but only lying on his back.

People with symptoms of severe snoring should always consult a doctor to make sure that they do not have a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea.

Those who snore easy or moderately expressed, we offer a variety of home remedies and devices that help stop snoring.

Tennis ball

If you mostly snore when sleeping on your back, put a

tennis ball in his pocket, made from an old shirt and sew it firmly to the back right in the middle of your pajamas.The discomfort will make you roll over and go to sleep on his side, without waking you.

Extra pillows

Try prop head booster cushion.The airways become more free, and this in turn will prevent spadenie posterior pharyngeal wall, and he snores.You can also lift the top part of the bed by placing a few bricks legs.


If you snore because of a cold or nasal congestion, turn on a humidifier night.This procedure will facilitate the drainage of the sinuses, reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa and improve the flow of air, and as a result will help to get rid of snoring.

Nasal strips

course you can reduce snoring, wearing nasal strips.They increase air permeability, opening the nasal passages.

Tooth cap

maxillo device, which is made individually by a cast of your jaw (ideally), although there is universal caps.Capa is worn at night.She would put forward the lower jaw, expands airways and eliminates snoring.Studies show that the caps are effective in 90% of cases.

When to seek medical advice

In general, the louder and more often you snore, the more likely that your snoring is associated with health problems.If home remedies do not help you stop snoring, snoring, or if you accompanied by chronic nasal congestion or heartburn, seek medical attention.

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