Carefully , fast food !

Good reasons to give up your favorite burgers and donuts
We studied in detail some of the most popular fast food dishes and have come to the conclusion - even if you want to get a curvy shape, do not pull in the mouth hot dogs, french fries, donuts, and other similar dishes.You do not want to be like a bun with sesame seeds.

Big Mac

Composition: 2 patties, special sauce, cheese, cucumber, lettuce, onion, bun.

number of calories per serving: 510.

What happens if you eat a kilo
Just five burgers (each weighs about 200 g) at a time, and you collect the daily caloric norm for a big man.And also get 130 grams of unsaturated fat and 210 grams of simple carbohydrates, which will be instantly on your hips, thighs, arms, cheeks.In general, distributed throughout the body.Avoid heartburn just will not succeed - even the strongest stomach will not stand so many fatty foods and in addition indigestion reward you with a pair of painful pimples.Well, if only a couple.

How to "burn" a portion
Go on a 50-minute jog at an easy pace, 30 minutes to quickly c

limb the stairs, 70 minutes to roller skate or jump rope for half an hour.

Our verdict
Besma harmless part, familiar to us all of the songs even commercials, actually takes more than one line.It can be found as usual white flour, sunflower oil, sugar, and terrible name - emulsifiers, stabilizers, sodium carbonates, gaskets, various extracts (even yeast!).If the choice is left, and "McDonald's" - the only place where you can have a meal, have a portion without sauce and cheese, and to get rid of the use of rolls.In the hands of you will remain two quite edible meatballs made of 100% beef and a handful of vegetables.Imagine that it is "Caesar".


Composition: baguette, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, sausage.

number of calories per serving: 323.

What if the time to eat a kilogram of
Firstly, you have to eat seven servings of sausage in a baguette.Second, you swallow about 2,400 kcal, 115 g fat, 110 g protein and 250 g carbohydrates.Thirdly, experience severe weight in the stomach and heartburn.Fourth, about 300 grams will type superfluous fat.Fifth, sodium get greater portion which retains fluid in the body increases the excitability of the nervous system and kidney function decreases.Sixth, forget about the smooth skin on the thighs.

How to "burn" a portion
half an hour to ride a bike at a fast pace for two hours a passionate kiss or one hour frantic dance.

Our verdict
All ingredients contained in the composition of dishes in their own harmful.The baguette many simple carbohydrates, which, acting in the body in large quantities, and no time to be converted into energy, turned into folds at the waist.The saturated fat sausage, thickeners, coloring agents and preservatives.We do not advise you to bite this dish.No way.You will not save even the exclusion of mayonnaise.

THREE spicy chicken wings

Composition: chicken meat, crumbs with herbs and spices.

number of calories per serving: 254.

What if the time to eat a kilogram of
If you are ready to eat chicken wings and thirty-eight, so ready to take 3140 calories, 160 g protein, 200 grams of fat and 150 grams of carbohydrates.And all this - almost 500 grams of your weight loss, which will be very difficult to get along.

How to "burn" a portion
Much the same as with hot dogs.You can still run 30 minutes.

Our verdict
scares us the amount of saturated fats, which contain wings in one portion - 16.8 g and 60 mg of "bad" cholesterol.These figures do not only make you forget about your favorite tight jeans, but also increase the risk of serious illness in the future.You can, of course, try to get rid of breading, which is prepared in reusable oil, but where is the confidence that your chicken has grown to love and care?In general, we strongly recommend to forget the way to the harmful sharp wings and learn to cook the bird home, preferably without the skin.


Composition: potatoes, salt, oil.

number of calories per serving: 340.

What if the time to eat a kilogram of
At the same time you eat about 3,000 calories and 170 grams of fat, cause serious damage to the liver, pancreas, and stomach pain call.In addition, the sodium in such quantities "hit" on the water balance and greatly slow down the metabolism.

How to "burn" a portion
run 40 minutes or do 10,000 steps.

Our verdict
These golden and seemingly delicious sticks are never alone - the company they generally any greasy sauce.That only adds calories, fat and unneeded chemical ingredients.To be honest, plus fries there (as opposed to cooked, which contains vitamin C, vitamins B, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. The only "but" it should not be there in large quantities, because the starch in itthe composition disintegrates in the body into simple sugars).In addition, frequent use of this dish is really bad for health due to the huge amounts of trans fats.Want pohrustet - buy carrot sticks, apple slices or a salad without dressing.But not the potatoes, please.


Composition: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, icing.

number of calories per serving: 190.

What if the time to eat a kilogram of
And you will get twenty donuts?Then you get a record 3,800 kcal, an overabundance of fats and carbohydrates, as well as a third of a lethal dose of glucose, ie 200 g

How to "burn" a portion
Swim or play half an hour of bowling for an hour.

Our verdict
Perhaps this is the most harmful of our meal selections, and to stand before him hardest.We offer this option: give up a week from any desserts, but in the end reward yourself a donut in a glossy glaze.You feel how much sugar in it?Remember this feeling as the hardest part of his life.


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