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Whitening toothpaste : harm or benefit
Want white smile, but not ready to send her to the dentist?Then you must have looked in the direction of whitening toothpaste.Now rastolkuem you, so whether it is effective and safe for teeth, as advertised.

say at once: from a visit to a professional, no whitening toothpaste will not save.But if used incorrectly and can do to speed it up.The fact that the bleach paste only affects plaque and in rare cases, the pellicle (a thin organic film covering enamel), and the color of the teeth depends on the quality and, in fact, colored dentin, which is under the enamel.Another important factor is the state of the latter: its transparency, as well as thickness.

To start let's see in the varieties of means.Typically, whitening toothpaste specialize in one of 3 ways of influence:

1. Mechanical works due to the content in the paste large abrasives that scrape plaque (literally!).But this paste can damage the enamel and gums, and when used regularly lead to sensitive teeth.

2. Chemical way of exposure is low-interest content in the paste solution of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide.They again act on the flying level, oxidizing and discoloring it.Some components are able to remove the colored pastes pellicle.

3. Preventive whitening toothpastes prevent the formation of tartar and plaque mineralization.Serve this purpose various crystallization inhibitors.But to use them better after the professional hygienic cleaning teeth.

This really should look for the heroine of the article in the pharmacy?Good service whitening toothpaste will be of use to smokers and coffee lovers as well as those who have passed the professional whitening and wants to save the result.

But citizens with the sensitivity of the teeth, gums and periodontal disease, wedge-shaped defects, under which destroyed the enamel of the tooth at the base of miracle means will have to forget.All of the above - contraindications.Children under 12 years of age and pregnant women dentists also do not recommend this paste.

When choosing pay attention to the composition.Abrasive particles more than 25 RDA (particularly titanium dioxide) and hydrogen peroxide above the allowed rate of 0.1% should not be there.And remember to secure the result, use whitening toothpaste gently.For example, two times a week or a course of 30-60 days.

By the way, most of the pastes under the heading, "bleach" in the mass-market - highly abrasive, that is dangerous to the health of teeth.Dentists advise if use bleaching pastes, then select them from the category of professional.Of course, they can not give the desired effect, but will not bring harm and loss.

Source: whrussia.ru

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