First Aid: medicinal herbs for the treatment of cystitis

Cystitis - one of the most common diseases of the bladder in women.This is due to the fact that the urethra in women is shorter and wider, so the germs more quickly get to the bladder and begin to multiply there.

The first signs of the acute form (frequent painful urination, lower abdominal pain) appear within a few hours after exposure to certain provocative factors - such as hypothermia.A disease begins delivering substantial inconvenience and greatly affect quality of life.


First of all you need to make an appointment with a urologist or a therapist.On the basis of the symptoms and the results of the necessary tests, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment of cystitis, which, in addition to drugs that act directly on the bacteria pathogens cystitis may include herbal medicines or medicinal herbs urological fees.

drugs and decoctions of herbs help to reduce inflammation, relieve the symptoms bolezni1,2 and, importantly, prevent the development of complications a

nd recurrences zabolevaniya3.

ARE ALL HERBS equally well cope with the disease?

usually applied in the treatment of cystitis are a number of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, onion peel, Horsetail, fenugreek seeds and root of wheatgrass.In five of the most popular medicinal herbs that are used for the treatment of this disease include parsley, cranberry leaf, birch leaves, goldenrod and knotweed (knot-grass).Each of these herbs has a multi-pronged effect on the body.

WHAT natural products for the treatment of cystitis CHOOSE?

Turning to herbal medicine, it should be remembered that the grass alone do not work well, so doctors recommend to use them as part of urological fees or medicines from the group of herbal remedies.In recent years, more and more patients prefer medical drugs based on herbs.Unlike urological fees, they are easy to use: they do not need to brew, push and store in a separate container.One of the most effective drugs in this group is considered to paste suspension for oral «Phytolysinum» .

It contains a lot of useful herbs and essential oils: grass goldenrod, horsetail herb, grass Knotweed, rhizomes of couch grass, peel onions, birch leaves, fenugreek seeds, parsley root, root of lovage and oils: clary sage, peppermint,orange, Scots pine.When used in the complex therapy of exacerbation of cystitis are gently and carefully remove oschuscheniya4 pain and help to increase the effectiveness of therapy.The drug can be used in the treatment of other urological diseases: pyelonephritis and urolithiasis.

The main difference between "Phytolysinum" from urological fees and other herbal remedies - it unikalnyy5 composition of the 9 natural herbs and essential oils 4, which is represented in the form of ready-made pasta.To achieve the most rapid-acting herbal ingredients, enough to dissolve 1 teaspoon of paste in 1/2 cup of warm sweet water - agree, it is very convenient to the pace of modern life!

If you want to get more information about the components of the drug, take a look at cistitanet

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Before use, consult with a specialist.

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