Implants are not a luxury but a guarantee of the quality of life

exclusive interview korrespondent surgeon, MDSergei Kuznetsov.

«Implantology - not a luxury but a guarantee of the quality of life»

Interview director general of the network dentists' Center for Aesthetic Dentistry "Sergei Vladimirovich candidate of medical sciences Kuznetsova

- What is the essence of dental implants and what the testimony is this done?

- The bottom line is simple: the replacement of lost teeth Titanium implants.This routine manipulations are performed in 90% of cases with the loss of teeth.

If no substitute for a missing tooth, they begin to bend the adjacent teeth, to sink his teeth - antagonists, dentoalveolar deformations are formed as a result of this.

- What are the advantages of implants over other types of prosthetics, for example, to bridge prostheses?

- One of the main advantages is that the implant is not affected by adjacent teeth, it is especially important when the teeth are healthy.Next - we get a holistic set of teet

h.In addition, dental implants allow properly and to apportion the burden on all the teeth.

- What are the different types of implants to date, and their quality is correlated with the price?

- Now there are many varieties of implants, but all the leading surgeons - dentists and medical product manufacturers agreed in a single opinion - a dental titanium implants.They have a helical shape, screwed into the jaw and provide a solid fixation of the implant to the supragingival to the implant with an internal hexagon.

- What is the life of the implant, and on what factors it depends?

- We hope that the implants "survive" with a man all his life, the life of the implants have not, it is theoretically possible to speak of the term of service of the crown, covering the implant.If problems occur, such as ceramics fracture, deformity, patient dissatisfaction with cosmetic effect - in this case we change the bit without changing the course of the implant.

Another factor - is the care and hygiene of the entire oral cavity, although no special care is not provided to the implant.

Another factor - this is the correct prosthesis based on subsequent loading the implant, it must be loaded exactly in the same way as the rest of the jaw teeth, taking into account, of course, their anatomical peculiarities.

very important to the overall state of the patient's body as a whole.The body ages, there are somatic diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney, urinary system, and sometimes a combination of chronic diseases.Resistance of the body is greatly reduced, suffering including bone that is resorbed (diluted) due to infection or trauma, and as a result - laid bare the roots of teeth.

But since normal implant has a helical shape (as opposed to a smooth own tooth root), the "slipping" bone will be much slower.Therefore, in a sense, even more stable implant own teeth.

- The question of cost implants - one of the most vital.What complications can cause a "cheap" implant?

- To date, there are three levels of conditional implants:

1. Very cheap, they, unfortunately, are domestic and implants, which due to their technological properties far behind the world leaders.

2. The average implant manufacturers -. Israel, Korea, etc. They are somewhat inferior in terms of price and quality of the six - seven leading companies - manufacturers of medical products.

3. High level of implant manufacturers - Germany, Switzerland, the United States.Among the leaders, too, there are variations, but the price pattern of roughly similar, it is related to surgeons preferences - dentists who choose for themselves the implantation system.Implants of this level provide maximum stability and bone fusion with a high percentage of it.What can be said about the lower segment of the implant.

- Is there any absolute contraindications to implant?

- There.When there is absolutely no desire.Any bone defect can be eliminated.Implants can establish all, even with chronic pathologies, such as, for example, diabetes.Patients suffering from this disease, hitherto, generally been denied dental implantation.We can and do implanting people with such diseases, and do it successfully.However, the patient should be seriously examined to implantation time, its somatic status to be determined.The general condition of the body at the time of implant placement should also be adjusted, ie reduced to normal, at least temporarily.And in the postoperative period is very important to maintain the medical condition close to normal.This is the key to success.When the implant has grown together with the bone, the patient has little threatened.Our patients generally forget that they have artificial teeth.

- Many patients before implantation is required "capacity", or the addition of artificial bone.People usually a faint idea of ​​what it is, many are scared.What is the process?

- Artificial bone used in almost 100% of cases when installing dental implants to restore bone volume.Artificial bone (hydroxyapatite) - is a powder that is created in the laboratory, it is absolutely sterile.On the basis of the bone material, which is mixed with blood (and in some cases even with the patient's own bone), germinate, as the frame, own bone cells.As a result, it formed its own bone to volume in which there is some inclusion of bone powder.This is a very serious medical advances in recent years.Afraid that there is no reason.

In addition, a person with the restored dentition improved quality of life, increasing social activity, the ability to work, etc.And dentists, as you know, plays a leading role.Modern man can not fully exist without any teeth in a domestic environment or in an intimate or in society in general.

- but most of the population - are still considered a luxury prosthetics.

- When we talk about absolute contraindications, I was going to mention the relative.This is often the financial failure of the patient.This factor is equally relevant, both in Russia and abroad.

Dental implantation, as well as prosthetics, orthodontics, as well as, alas, is never covered, and is not covered by any insurance programs, except in rare VIP - options.I never dentistry was not completely free.Another issue that society must be in a state of economic security to a much greater number of our citizens could afford high-tech, high-quality new treatments in general, and in dentistry, in particular.Then we can stop counting teeth implantation luxury.

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