Thrush in infants

child began to cry, and often refuse to eat?In her mouth appeared white raids?Most likely, the cause is thrush.

Thrush neonatal - a mucosal disease of the oral cavity caused by the fungus Candida albicans.It is a component of the normal microflora.The disease develops when under certain conditions, an uncontrolled multiplication of the fungus.

Why does thrush

Causes of thrush quite a lot.The kid can become infected with fungus during passage through the birth mother's ways, if at the time of pregnancy she had candidiasis.Especially this is likely route of infection for babies born prematurely, because their immune system is still underdeveloped.

In addition, the child may become infected by kissing on the lips and cheeks.Therefore, small children should not kiss in the face.

provoking factor is the frequent regurgitation baby.In this case, his mouth is maintained acidic environment conducive to the breeding of fungus.

But the most common cause of yeast infection is a failure to comply with the e

lementary rules of hygiene while feeding the baby.Many mothers lick the spoon, pacifier, before giving it to the child.It absolutely can not do!

necessary to monitor the health of the skin of the mammary glands as candidiasis can be transmitted to the child and in this way.

What symptoms should alert

main symptom of yeast infection is the appearance of the mucous membrane of the cheeks, tongue, gums, lips, white spots.Around them visible red ring of inflammation.When removing the plaque is detected red irritated area.

If you do not start treatment at this point, then gradually the white cheesy coating covers the entire surface of the mucosa.Over time, it gets yellowish or grayish color.The child becomes restless, pull the handle into his mouth, crying.It hurts to suck, so he often refuses the breast.In marked candidiasis may experience an increase in body temperature.

Thrush infants in need of treatment, as the damaged mucosa is the gateway for infection.

How to treat thrush newborn

The first step is to make sure that after feeding the baby in his mouth had no milk.Milk protein is an ideal breeding ground for fungus.Therefore it is necessary to wipe the buccal mucosa and tongue from milk residues and to give the child a drink of water.

most simple, secure and well-known remedy for thrush - a solution of baking soda.It is cooked at the rate of a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water at room temperature.Cotton swab dipped in this solution, wipe the mucous membrane of the mouth every two to three hours.

Traditional medicine offers a method for the treatment of thrush.For this purpose, a teaspoon of honey diluted twice with water, boiled in a water bath and then the resulting solution mouth lubricated.But this natural remedy is not for all kids.Honey is a potent allergen, and many children suffer from some allergy symptoms.

If the treatment has no effect, the pediatrician assigns therapy with antifungal drugs.Cotton swab smeared with cream, treated the baby's mouth twice a day.Usually, after 5-10 days of treatment, all symptoms go unnoticed.

the presence of candidiasis in a child who is breastfed, the mother is also mandatory receives antifungal therapy.This is necessary to prevent the transfer of infection from mother to child.

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