What is tonsillitis

What is tonsillitis
follicular tonsillitis.The word "angina" comes from the Latin "ango", which means "squeezing soul."

Angina - an acute infectious disease that affects mainly the formation of lymphoid pharyngeal ring - palatine tonsils (tonsils).The second name of the disease - acute tonsillitis.Follicular tonsillitis - one of the types of the disease.

Why develop angina

Tonsils can be considered a special type of lymph nodes.They are part of the immune system.These lymphoid formations first take up the attack of microbes that try to enter the body through the nose and mouth along with the inhaled air.

The cause of inflammation in the tonsils can be a variety of infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, fungi.The most common sore throat caused by streptococcus.Less acute tonsillitis is caused by staphylococci, fungi of the genus of Candida, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus.

There are times when germs get into the tonsils of foci of chronic infection, such as a patient's tooth.

Types of angina

Depending on the severit

y emit several types of angina.The easiest is the catarrhal angina .Behind her in severity are:

  • tonsillitis,
  • lacunar tonsillitis,
  • fibrinous angina,
  • herpetic angina,
  • quinsy (intratonzillyarny abscess),
  • ulcerative necrotic angina (gangrenous).

Features follicular tonsillitis follicular tonsillitis

begins abruptly with severe pain in the throat.In early disease, it only occurs when swallowing, but then begins to disturb and alone.The pain often gives to his ear, mimicking otitis media.Because of her patients do not want to swallow the saliva, so they have been drooling.

body temperature rises to 38-400S.Appear weakness, malaise, body aches, headache.Increase and hurt mandibular lymph nodes.

They expressed general intoxication, patients prefer not to get out of bed and constantly napping.On examination, visible swollen and reddened tonsils bow.Tonsils themselves increased in size, on the surface of visible white or white-yellow dots the size of a pinhead.This inflamed follicles containing pus.

Follicular angina can progress to a more severe form, therefore needs appropriate treatment.

Complications follicular tonsillitis

When launched late or incorrect treatment of tonsillitis can cause complications.With the spread of infection by the Eustachian tube is developing middle ear infection - otitis media.It is also possible to form a peritonsillar abscess.

In addition, the infection is able to spread to the chest (mediastinitis), on the lining of the brain (meningitis).Extensive inflammatory process causes the development of infectious-toxic shock and ingress of microbes in the blood - sepsis.

streptococcal tonsillitis origin of Grozny and its delayed complications - rheumatic heart disease and kidney failure.

How to diagnose and treat tonsillitis

Examination and treatment conducted by a doctor otolaryngologist.The diagnosis of "tonsillitis" is set on the clinical picture of the disease.For the differential diagnosis of mononucleosis conduct a detailed analysis of blood.This is important, because treatment for these diseases is completely different.

follicular tonsillitis Treatment depends on the cause of the disease.When bacterial tonsillitis main drugs are antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents.For the effective therapy is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the microbes thereto.

Modern treatment of angina also includes local application of antiseptic sprays and mouthwashes with antiseptics.It helps opening and cleansing of purulent follicles on the surface of the tonsils.

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