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A set of exercises for dizziness
little dizzy because love is understandable and even pleasant.But if the surging feelings have nothing to do with it, is an occasion to address to the neurologist ...

complaints of dizziness is now not uncommon.Almost half of the cases in the outpatient reception the doctor hears from the patient, "the land beneath their feet is floating," "shakes while walking", "feeling of instability," "haze".Such indefinite description of the symptoms associated with the fact that our balance system consists from several interacting sensory systems: visual, vestibular and muscle-joint.The diagnosis in this situation - not an easy task, and treatment is often long.

And off we go

If dizziness appeared sharply, do not panic.Lie down on a flat surface to avoid falling.The best thing on the sofa or bed, and in such a way that the head, neck and shoulders were on a small pillow.So you will avoid the inflection of the vertebral arteries, and thus improve general circulation.During dizziness fix eyes on any stationa

ry object.And in the case of motion sickness just close your eyes.Do not turn your head to the side.When the attack is finished, be sure to consult a neurologist.Acutely arisen severe dizziness may be a sign of vestibular migraine (migraine view when the main symptom - not a headache, and dizziness), or vestibular neyronita.

Sometimes dizziness - a sign of Meniere's disease, accompanied by an increase in the amount of fluid (endolymph) in the inner ear cavity.In addition to dizziness of the disease characterized by a gradual, progressive hearing loss.

Dizziness can also occur due to cardiovascular disease or as a result of the abuse of certain drugs.Naturally, it must diagnose the true cause in order to prevent repeated attacks.

times and quite healthy people experience dizziness.It may be accompanied by a sharp deterioration in health, nausea, vomiting.In this case, help sports.Exercise not only develops certain groups of muscles and has a positive effect on the body as a whole, but also trains the vestibular system.Thus, aerobics classes or running we move at different speeds, while dramatically decreasing the excitability of the vestibular apparatus - is its practice, which helps get rid of the dizziness.


proposed set of exercises forms in the brain sustained adaptive mechanism.His goal - compensation of impaired activity of the vestibular apparatus and the restoration of equilibrium.Exercise regularly.Here are five stages - each of them should be carried out three times a day for about five minutes.

EXERCISES 1st stage

Starting position: sitting or lying down, his head still.

1. Movement eyes closed in all directions: up, down, right, left.

2. Eyes open in his hand a small object (like a pencil) at a distance of 50-60 cm from the eye.Looking at the subject, zoom it, shortening the distance of 10-15 cm

EXERCISES 2nd stage

Starting position:. Sitting, eyes open.

1. Slow tilts the head in all directions: forward, backward, right, left, and then quickly, before the dizziness.

2. The same motion again with his eyes closed.

EXERCISE 3rd stage

Starting position: sitting, eyes open.

1. The rotational movement of the head, first left, then right.

2. Put on the floor some object (for example, a ball) and lifting it, look straight up.

3. Leaning forward, throws the object from one hand to the other as much as possible close to the ground.

EXERCISE 4th stage

Starting position: standing.

1. Take the legs, stand without assistance (first with eyes open, then closed).

2. Perform rotational movement around him, first to the right and then to the left.

3. throws an object (eg a ball) from one hand to another.

EXERCISES 5th stage

1. Place a chair in the middle of the room with his eyes open walk across the room, avoiding him.Repeat the same with your eyes closed.

2. Get help from a partner and throw the ball to each other.

3. Pass the ball between the legs of the partner.And he, in turn, let them give you the ball back over his head, and so on.Perform each exercise as soon as possible.

4. rises and falls on the stairs first open and then with eyes closed.


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