Medication Twins

What are generic drugs ?
Expensive drugs can be replaced by cheaper analogue - generics.This tool is essentially the same composition, but having a different name.


According to its effects on the body is similar to the generic drug-original.It can only differ on minor components - fillers, color and flavorings.

But sometimes produce generics on older hardware, using excipients, passed only a superficial clinical studies.Hurt poor-quality generic will not cause, but can cause allergic reactions.Such analogs are often poorly absorbed, which reduces the curative effect.

WHY ORIGINAL expensive?

expensive original because its creation was spent a lot of time and money.First on the list of medical formula, and then on the conduct of clinical trials, and finally a lot of money spent on advertising and, in general, to promote the market.That is the original product can be branded generics, and can be completely the same.But what exactly - is overpaid, with which we are confronted by buyin

g original medication.

  • in Russian pharmacies, more than 70% of drugs - generics.As a result, Russia is among the top five in the world in terms of their consumption.
  • In the US, up to 78% of all medical prescriptions make generics.In the UK they accounted for four of the five drugs.
  • Half of the manufacturers of original drugs and generic drugs also produces.
  • In the original drug can be up to 300 generic drugs.

compares the drug is not only in the price

Dear preparations typically contain additional components, for which the price increases.Decide whether you need these supplements.Let's say you just need to bring the temperature down, and this will be an excellent cheap paracetamol.A road Theraflu, which will also include the components of allergy and vitamin C, it is better to buy when cold is already in full swing.

If a doctor prescribes a medicine on the form, which already published the name, most likely, he gets a percentage of sales and is not interested in the selection of another drug.And yet, ask him if there is a cheaper substitute.

often expensive drugs are quick.For example, when the effect of diarrhea receiving expensive Imodium occurs 20 times faster than on its counterpart - Lopedium.However, not every illness requires quick action.

Trying to gain in value, be aware that some analogues should be taken more frequently than the originals.So you and spend more.So read the instructions for use carefully calculate everything and decide which drug to take profitable.


If prescription drugs you can not afford, ask your doctor, inexpensive "twin brother," whether or not the drug and whether it is possible to replace the expensive medicine in your situation cheap.It is important to take into account the chronic diseases, the current condition of the patient and so forth. But do not assign themselves their own generics!Before buying a cheap analog, read the summary, especially the "Contraindications" section.A pharmacist in a pharmacy can only recommend something cheaper, but about the features of your body and that you are contraindicated, he does not know.Do not buy into the first pharmacy - Trade margins in different locations can vary greatly.Look for the best price at your local pharmacy.In many cities there are special telephone service, where you can learn about the presence of drugs and prices in different pharmacies.

OTC sale of medicines containing codeine was banned in June 2012.These are mainly painkillers.However, many medicines have codeine codeine no analogues and you can buy them freely.

something about antibiotics

Antibiotics - powerful drugs, so they can not be taken without a doctor's prescription.Uncontrolled reception causes the bacteria quickly develop resistance to antibiotics, and the drug ceases to act.The chemical composition and exposure to certain types of antibiotics, bacteria are divided into groups.The most popular among them the group of penicillins and tetracyclines, they have a wide range of actions.Some antibiotics kill the intestinal microflora, and it is important to complete the work of the body.Death microflora leads to gastrointestinal disorders and goiter, which requires a separate treatment.


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