Athlete : it is

Athlete - a fungal infection of the upper layers of smooth skin, nail plate, which is caused by fungi of the genus epidermofiton (epidermophyton).Pathogen amazes hair.

There are two main clinical forms of the disease: the groin (and large skin folds) athlete and athlete's foot.With this disease, different areas of the skin irritation and itching, are facing so many people.

Athlete large skin folds and groin

of infection and the development of fungus promote strong sweating, failure to comply with hygiene rules.The disease is transmitted by using items of used patients, such as sponges, sponges, towels, enema tip, bedpans, etc... Some researchers believe that the athlete can be transmitted to and during intercourse.Of athlete can suffer several family members.

Symptoms of athlete's large skin folds and groin expressed in the appearance of rounded spots, red, and then - the brown, colors that blend with each other and become erimatoznye areas with fine defurfuration.This process often begins at

the inner thighs and groin areas.However, it does not lock with the genitals.With the groin process can go on the pubis, it comes to the navel.Behind it extends to the perineum, the area of ​​the buttocks and popliteal fossa.Often erythematous surface areas are formed small bubbles, small nodules and crusts.In women the disease can grab the skin under the breast, underarms, elbows and knees folds.

Athlete folds and groin usually quickly passes into the chronic stage.It is exacerbated and gives new lesions, then it subsides.The disease may last for months or years.After apparent clinical cure relapses may occur.

chronic course athlete facilitate both internal and external factors: failure to observe the rules of skin care, neuro-psychic anxiety, which leads to hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), friction in contact skin.

final diagnosis athlete must put a doctor, as the symptoms of his disease can be confused with some other (erythrasma, chronic trichophytosis superficial yeast skin lesions).For a more accurate diagnosis conducted laboratory studies.

As the prevention of this disease obese people who suffer from excessive sweating, is recommended daily wipe the skin folds cologne, resorcinol, or salicylic alcohol, after which the skin can be powdered boric talc.

athlete's foot

The originator of this form of the disease is transmitted from sick to healthy people through the shoes (especially through sports footwear), socks, mats in pools, baths, showers.

development of fungus contributes uncomfortable shoes, humidity, sweating, flat, violation of feet hygiene, prolonged walking, etc.

athlete's foot are four species:.

1) disgidroticheskuyu (with the formation of bubbles),

2) squamous (scalyskin),

3) hyperkeratotic, entailing a strong thickening of the horny nail cover,

4) intertriginoznoy with strongly expressed intertrigo.

Realistically these forms of the disease are often combined.Symptoms usually appear appearance of affected skin redness between the IV and V fingers stop, because these fingers close to each adjacent to each other.Then usually affects the skin of the sole, arch of the foot and interdigital folds feet.There may be a rash on other parts of the skin (eg hands), but they are secondary, neuro-reflex character.

Prevention of disease is leg keeping it clean, avoiding the use of one shoe with others, use individual footwear when visiting swimming pools and saunas.

With timely and qualified treatment of athlete's foot can be cured.However, it should be engaged in a professional doctor who will be able to establish a true diagnosis.Do not self-medicate.

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