4 disease that grab your knees

If you are by all means avoid the stairs, daily swallow painkillers or miss a workout because of pain in his knees, then maybe you can still unaware of what is already going on with your health.We will talk about 4 diseases, about which we are trying to inform our knees.

SYMPTOM: pain when climbing stairs

What it could be: Early osteoarthritis

recent study by University of Leeds found that knee pain when climbing stairs can be a sign of the beginning of osteoarthritis of the knee - the prevalence of chronic diseasesknees, which mainly affects the cartilage itself.The study, which offers participants an annual questionnaire about the pain in his knees, found that even people who are not experiencing discomfort in other situations, climbing stairs called the first symptom of osteoarthritis pain.Typically, osteoarthritis begins to disturb the people over 40 years.

SYMPTOM: click and pinching at the knees while walking

What it could be: a torn meniscus

Stifle must move smoothly when walki

ng, and if you find yourself shaking legs to bring the joint of "jammed "state, or feel as if my knees just about buckled, this may signal the break of the meniscus.Meniscus - C-shaped disc that cushions the knee.His tears are often caused by twisting or arching strong knee back.Most people can not tell an episode in which the injury has occurred.Contact your orthopedic surgeon if you experience the above symptoms as a serious meniscus injury may require surgery.

SYMPTOMS: Numbness or tingling at the back of the knee

What it could be: sciatica

discomfort in the back of the knee can be a symptom of an injury of the sciatic nerve, extending from the lower spine to the back of the thigh.Any tingling or numbness in the back of the knee caused by nerves in the back.And the pain from sciatica can extend from the lower back down to the toes.In most cases, this disease is by itself with a minimum of home care or physiotherapy, but can often return.

SYMPTOM: a feeling of warmth or pain at the back of the knee, on the way

What it could be: Thrombus

extremely important to periodically move the legs during the flight.Small blood clots in the knee are very common among travelers in the air (due to the bent legs for a long time and there is no movement).If the clot has formed, it can be a significant or even critical danger, and the only way to get rid of it - anticoagulants.But the best treatment - is prevention.If you are in a risk group (after a major surgery or when taking birth control pills), consult a doctor.You may recommend compression stockings or blood-thinning drugs.

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