What is antiphospholipid syndrome

Antiphospholipid syndrome - a complex of clinical symptoms and laboratory in which various organs and tissues develop spontaneous thrombosis.Blood clots are formed in both the veins and arteries of all sizes.

Depending on the location of the thrombus, the clinical manifestations can be different.If the clot had developed in the vessel of the heart, we have a hospital myocardial infarction (intense chest pain, lower blood pressure, fear of death, shortness of breath), if the brain - a stroke clinic (loss of consciousness, weakness or paralysis of the arms or legs, impaired speech, ptosiscorner of his mouth, and others.).Thrombosis of retinal blood vessels develop blindness.

Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) - a fairly common disease, but the first to meet with him, are obstetricians as the most common symptom of APS is a miscarriage.At different stages, usually in the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus dies due to placental vascular thrombosis.In the later stages, and during childbirth occurs compli

cation of preeclampsia pregnancy - preeclampsia and eclampsia.

Not so long ago met another typical case.At the reception came middle-aged man.The main complaint of intense pain and blackening of two fingers on the right hand and two fingers on his left hand with no prior injury.The examination has been ascertained antiphospholipid syndrome.In this case, thrombosis of small arteries of fingers have been recorded.Dead tissue is gradually separated, the wounds on the fingers to stumps therapy gradually healed.

Many patients emphasize the vascular pattern on the body (livedo reticularis).Maybe punctulate rash in the form of point hemorrhages.

often suffer hips.In patients with APS without apparent cause collapse of the femoral head (developing aseptic necrosis).

Risk Factors antiphospholipid syndrome

  • Hereditary predisposition (thrombosis in relatives).
  • presence in the medical history of the patient with systemic lupus erythematosus, spontaneous abortions, myocardial infarction or stroke in young and middle age (50 years).
  • case of thrombophlebitis.
  • presence of foci of chronic infection.
  • Receiving drugs (contraceptives, procainamide, psychotropic drugs, and others.).

Diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome

For suspected antiphospholipid syndrome, the patient should have a blood test on the following immunological parameters:

  • antibodies to cardiolipin IgG, IgM;
  • lupus anticoagulant (LA);
  • betta2 glycoprotein kofaktorzavisimye-1 antibody;
  • false positive reaction Wasserman (syphilis).

study the complete blood count with platelet count determination, biochemistry, urinalysis (to avoid thrombosis of renal vessels).

Instrumental survey spectrum is determined by the location of the thrombus.

all patients without exception, performed an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, ultrasound of the abdomen and kidneys.Additionally carried duplex scanning of arteries and veins of the lower, upper limbs, the main vessels of the head.

How to treat antiphospholipid syndrome

greatest experience in the treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome have rheumatologists, angio-surgeons and obstetricians.

therapeutic complex includes therapy to reduce the risk of thrombosis and antithrombotic treatment (when thrombosis has occurred).

In identifying immunological markers and the absence at this time of thrombosis patients assigned anticoagulation (blood thinners).If there is a vascular accident, connect the appropriate specialists (neurologists, angio-surgeons, etc.).In addition to the use of anticoagulants, is the treatment of complications.

When planning a pregnancy, a woman suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome, you must be examined to determine the level of antibodies to phospholipids.To reduce the risk of obstetric pathology appointed hormonal and anticoagulant therapy.With constant monitoring level of antibodies to phospholipids sick women are often unable to communicate the pregnancy to term and give birth to a healthy baby.

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