White-collar workers against diseases of civilization

How to protect yourself from the office disease.

In the hectic office everyday life we ​​do not notice that cause significant harm to their health.The image of an office worker life is far from healthy - it costs the profession.Work indoors, work stress, poor nutrition, inadequate rest - all of these factors increase the risk of some diseases.

What dangers lie in wait for us

Firstly, this widespread civilization diseases - atherosclerosis and its complications (heart attack, stroke), diabetes mellitus, diseases of the digestive system, infections, rheumatic diseases.They are somehow connected with a sedentary lifestyle, conditions of supply and other realities of everyday work.

Secondly, the so-called gender diseases.For example, women office life often leads to diseases of the pelvic organs in men the most vulnerable organ becomes, as a rule, the prostate gland.

All these diseases are particularly important to identify it at an early stage, when they are successfully treatable.

protection methods

no need to wait when the disease declare itself in full force.That is why prevention is so important.Doctors recommend to be screened at least once a year, even if you do not bother, but if you have a tendency to any disease or other risk factors - not less than once every six months.

The program of inspection is recommended to enable monitoring of the condition of various organs and systems of the body - blood, liver, pancreas, also need to assess the risks of all of the conditions listed above.

is also useful to measure the level of vitamin D, which enhances the body's resistance to various diseases, and also check for inflammation and infection.Men (especially - over 40 years) it is important to regularly evaluate the ratio of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which will allow time to detect abnormalities of the prostate gland.

learning their weaknesses, you will understand what you should pay more attention.

survey revealed the error of the cardiovascular system?Use every opportunity to move more - it could be sports, aerobics, walking.There are grounds for concern in the area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract?Try to eliminate junk food, eat more natural fruits and vegetables.

In difficult for the body to change the period of jet lag (which is spring and autumn), try to ensure that the body gentle mode: Get a full rest and sleep, not supercool, take care of immunity.

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