Woman , I am a man !

Women - known manipulators, who at any time can get everything they want, pressed on the sore spot of her husband.But what seems to us absolutely normal in the eyes of men sometimes seems incredibly stupid.

tells women what techniques and the manipulation of men derive from themselves the most.


Familiar phrase?When a guy is head over heels in love with you, he will be the last to assert that he had never had a chance to see the legs, your beautiful.But in the end all this will bother him, and he just goes to the girl who will be completely happy with your body, even in the presence of extra kilos.


Another method, which is incredibly annoying men - is perseverance.The phrase "you squash me" - this is not a sign of weakness, but a banal defensive reaction.


Never female brain does not generate more stupid ideas than to tell her boyfriend about his predecessor.The purpose - to cause jealousy and make him afraid of losing you.The result - a quarrel, a

nd his sincere misunderstanding.

Needless CARE

Of course, every man needs a certain proportion of affection and love, but your concern should not exceed the permissible limits.Otherwise, it will feel a baby, which Mom wipes drool.And he's an eagle!Powerful Tiger!Disgusting!

«Be a man»

Another phrase, which the woman is trying to get from your favorite desired behavior.Another phrase, saying that the woman forgets that the risk of being left alone.

«WHERE ARE YOU?Who you »

Of course, these questions - not that other, as the fruit of jealousy, but there is a separate category of ladies who try to control their men, to demonstrate how to value them.Forget!


well as without it.We are not talking about cases where suspicions are well founded, but the banal phenomena from the category: "Do you like her?" Asked a question she hopes to answer: "Of course not, you're the best and the most beautiful", but as a ruleIt receives instead: "Well, how much can you?»

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