Do not be distracted

How to manage your attention : learning focus
Most of us constantly distracted even by the most important things to browse the news to Facebook, check your emails, or reply to the message.

In today's difficult not to cling to a lot of distractions, so manage your attention today is especially important.Senior Lecturer of the international art-Chanting Om and Simply Meditation Anastasia Dmitrieva tell you in this article, how to learn to focus and direct their attention to the right things.


Not so long ago in the scientific revolution came the term "attention deficit disorder".Numerous studies have shown that this syndrome is becoming increasingly common every year.In varying degrees, attention deficit disorder has many of us.Check yourself, you can use simple questions:

  • Are you able to concentrate long on one object?
  • Are you able to hold the attention to detail?
  • Are you able to accept large amounts of information, or for a long time listening to the speaker?
  • Intrinsically Do you involuntary "slipp
    ing" on secondary topics and tasks?
  • Do you experience difficulty in self-organization and ordering of their activities?
  • peculiar to your aimless activity, haste and impatience?
  • Do you have any sense of a lack of time?
  • Do you suffer from forgetfulness?

If you answered yes to 3 questions, and more, it's time to reflect.One of the unpleasant symptoms of attention deficit disorder and impulsiveness is - lack of control behavior, our thoughts and emotions.This prevents us from living more consciously and to be, as they say in meditation, in the "here and now".

ART attention of the Governing

psychologist Daniel Goleman identifies three types of attention:

1. Warning inner aimed at self-awareness and self-control.

2. Warning outside - our ability to understand how the global system works.

3. attention to other, that is, in fact, the empathy with which we build relationships and career.

Each of these types has its own characteristics and mechanisms, and all of them, in the words of Daniel, we run the risk of losing.In his new book, "Focus", he tells us how to avoid the problem, develop the ability to concentrate and use it one hundred percent.

According to psychologist Sean Achora return the ability to focus and direct their attention to the right things to help meditation.The fact is that regular meditation has a positive effect on brain activity and allows it to better manage the process of perception.A team of researchers from Harvard found that during meditation, the brain ceases to randomly drive the thoughts and handle the usual amount of information.The characteristic for the state of active wakefulness beta rhythm fades.Because of this, after meditation, one is more focused, faster and cope better with the challenges.


Before you start meditating, you need to learn to concentrate - is one way to control your mind.To strengthen and improve the meditation, you need to learn to control the mind, because he was always busy with something.Even when you are sitting, your mind is constantly jumping around.

Based on our experience, I can say that the most effective ones meditation, where there are several points of concentration: energy centers, mantra, breath and mudra.The object of meditation help to strengthen attention skills.During practice for a long time you concentrate attention on any subject: burning candle, river water, flower.And while you are dynamic practices focus attention on walking, the air flow during inhalation and exhalation and the presence of the "here and now" to dip into each committed action.

These and other meditative practices within the context of changes in the body during meditation gives a stunning effect, which applies to all subsequent human life.If you want to restore the ability to concentrate and strengthen the mind - take time to meditate every day.


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