Abdominal pain in a child

abdominal pain in school-age children are very common and have different reasons.But it is always a disturbing signal, requiring not only parental attention, and physical examination.

There are many diseases, the symptoms of which are a pain in the abdomen.There are two main categories: single pain (acute) pain and recurring (chronic).

When a severe pain in the abdomen must first rule out the possibility of surgery.Do not try to determine the cause of himself, much less make any therapeutic measures (hot water bottle, an enema, taking painkillers and laxatives).

Important! can not offer the child food or drink to the arrival of the doctor.

If the pain is severe and lasts more than an hour - two, it needs an urgent call doctor at home!

Abdominal pain in a child: possible causes and symptoms

- When appendicitis pain is localized in the center of the stomach, just above the navel.A few hours later she moved to the lower abdomen (the area of ​​the colon, where the appendix).The child tries to a

void movements when walking, he could not stand up straight, holding on to the lower abdomen.diarrhea occurs frequently, the temperature rises.

skin is pale, the child quickly weakens, refuses food.

critically dangerous! Increased pain, vomiting may signal the bursting of the appendix, this condition is extremely dangerous because it can lead to peritonitis (infection of the lining of the stomach tissue) .

Appendicitis occurs in one out of six children, the removal of the appendix - one of the most frequent operations.

- intestinal infection (gastroenteritis) begins with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, paroxysmal pain.Characterized by bloating, rumbling along the intestine.Determine the need for hospitalization may only doctor.

kidney inflammation occurs most often in girls and begins with pain in the side or lower back.In this type of pain in the abdomen of the child as the temperature rises, the children often urinate, nausea and vomiting.

What! necessary to call a doctor, followed by consultation of the urologist.

- Acute and chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis are the most common diseases in childhood and school age.In the last 10 years have seen the growth of these diseases, accompanied by the development of multiple erosions and peptic ulcer.

causes of gastritis and gastroduodenitis lie in the wrong and unbalanced diet, eating in a hurry, eat cold food.Children without parental supervision during the day, often consume a lot of oily, rough, spicy food, rich in carbohydrates fast and useless.

Some simply forget to eat, and long breaks between meals are extremely harmful to the stomach lining.

children complain of abdominal pain of uncertain location, or in the epigastric region.Pain can occur when duodenitis fasting and after a meal with gastritis.In the former case the pain disappear after a meal.If duodenitis is also possible nausea, vomiting (usually single), tendency to constipation.

trouble at school-related study or peer relationships, cause anxiety, nervousness, nervous system suffers.Children tend to hide their feelings, so the problem for a long time may be misunderstood by parents.There is a steady stress, which leads to the so-called psychosomatic diseases.

- - High loads and chronic sleep deprivation - yet another reason for the emergence of pain in the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! Parents need to remember that you can not dream anything replaced or compensated.

adolescent girls a common cause of abdominal pain is painful menstruation.

arise drawing, cramping in the lower abdomen, accompanied by general malaise and weakness.In such cases it is sufficient to ensure calm the child, to give light to take antispasmodics.

Whatever the cause of abdominal pain in a child, it is important to remain calm and act clearly.

Consult your doctor if you feel you can not cope!

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