The head, not pain

6 easy ways to get rid of a headache
If you are plagued by headaches, and you do not want to dampen the pain pill, then arm yourself with simple methods.

1. So, you have a severe headache.You are not able to either operate normally, or engage in any other activity.Immediately set aside everything and go.The easiest way to quickly "ride out" a headache - it's nothing to do.Lie back, close your will feel great relief within 20 minutes, and if you're lucky, the pain will disappear altogether.

2. Another no less a simple way to alleviate the suffering of headaches - is to drink a glass of water.Often, this method helps you to quickly and effectively cope with a headache without pills and procedures.For headaches it is recommended to drink a glass of cold water in small sips (slowly).After that you need at the time to relax, you can lie down for 10-15 minutes.It is desirable to be in a well-ventilated room.

3. If you are plagued by headaches, it's time to take a warm (not hot) bath.For greater effect, you can use essential oi

ls: mint, lavender, etc. Also the bath can sprinkle of sea salt..From headaches can also save a warm shower, which will help relieve cramps.It can be a hot bath for the feet, reducing blood pressure in the brain.

4. For headaches start massaging, stroking easily head from the forehead to the nape of the neck.After that start do such movement from crown to the ears.Then start prodelyvat stroking movements from the top to the back and then get down to the neck.It is important to massage the neck.So you remove the tension from the neck muscles and improve local circulation.

5. with headaches coping well essential oils and ointments.For example, it helps relieve pain menthol ointment.To do this, apply a little ointment on the temples and back of the head and start massaging motion.For this purpose, suitable, and Vietnamese balm.As for essential oils, you can use the oils of citrus or rosemary oil.The active ingredients of the above funds have soothing properties that help to cope with the problem.

6. This method does not help everyone.Moreover, in some cases, further exacerbating the problem.However, it's worth it.For headaches include relaxed quiet music.For example, you can listen to instrumental music.Not bad distracts from the headaches of laughter.To do this, turn on some comedy or watch a humorous transmission.You will be surprised when you discover that after a few minutes, forget about the headache.


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